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Rename Character Every 30 Days free – WoW

This method to Rename Character Every 30 Days free is an old trick, but still a good one. And maybe someone hasn't learned the implications of it. Quite simply it allows you to rename your character every 30 days, or if

Combo Helper Bot and Script – Hearthstone

Combo Helper Bot for Hearthstone is a bot which will help you to play your cards more efficiently, by keeping track of which combos are possible, and which are not, or how many turns it will take before you can

Zygor ESO Guide In-Game Addon Free Download

If you've been looking for the Zygor ESO Guide, then look no further. For years now, we've been bringing you updates to Zygor WoW guide, but we figured it's about time we started adding the Zygor ESO guide as well. This

Stream Any Game to Computer & Mobile Device

Stream Any Game to your computer or mobile device? The technology is here, it's coming. A few years back I was offering powerleveling with some Chinese partners. In those days, we offered something innovative - we offered hand leveling. But

Advanced KEY and MOUSE Recorder Download

Advanced KEY and MOUSE Recorder is a tool which will allow you to record not only key strokes, but also mouse movements, and then play them back. Or even edit them, to fine tune them to your needs. As a

Free Unlimited Traffic VPN – 1 Year

I found this Free Unlimited Traffic VPN, good for 1 year, at absolutely no cost. All I can say, is !!! Use it to anonymize your traffic, and hide your activities from your ISP - which is required in many countries

Realm of the Mad God Hacked Client

This Realm of the Mad God Hacked Client, is a 2-part hack which includes a new client as well as an executable, which adds various game hacks to the game. You can use either the SWF or the EXE, so it

Turn off File Explorer Ads – Windows 10 Tutorial

Here's a tutorial to Turn off File Explorer Ads in Windows 10. It's not the first time we've seen ads. First there were the ads in the start menu - their "Suggestions", as it were (settings >> personalization >> Start >> “Occasionally

WoW Leveling Cheat – Insta Respawn Monster

If you're having some trouble leveling, then this WoW Leveling Cheat - Insta Respawn Monster will be a lifesaver. It can also be used to farm for gold, since you will be able to loot repeatedly, as fast as you can mow

Change Realm of the Mad God Client Map

There is a small hack to Change Realm of the Mad God Client Map. If you haven't yet played Realm of the Mad God, you can check it out here. This hack will allow you to change the map in your

Overwatch Debug Dumper Fix

Overwatch Debug Dumper Fix is a tool which when used with IDA Pro and x64dbg will allow you to dump the complete memory from Overwatch.exe. It will deobfuscate and remove the anti-dumping code present within Overwatch, and opened with Scylla. Dumping a

Coltonon Hack – Star Wars Battlefront

The Coltonon Hack for Star Wars Battlefront is a complete hack which works on the Lando Patch. At this point it's undetected, but as with all hacks, this could change at any time. WARNING: When the game is patched, don't use

CSGO Glow Wallhack

This CSGO Glow Wallhack is both a Glow Hack and a Wallhack, and is working on the current version of Counterstrike Global Offensive (as of 9 March 2017). See the image below to see it in action.  CSGO Glow Wallhack The

Explore Unseen Maps – WoW PTR (Screenshots Only)

Some might call this Explore Unseen Maps trick a cheat, others simply a change, but over the weekend, you were able to Explore Unseen Maps in the World of Warcraft Private Test Server. It came as a bit of a shock,

Converting WoW Gold to Money

Recently, in a conversation, I was discussing how to go about Converting WoW Gold to Money. Money of course being US Dollars, or other currencies or Bitcoin. It was after a long chat on botting, and using bots to make real life

Fallout 4 Facial Editor – Celebrity Edition

How much time have you spent with the Fallout 4 Facial Editor? Did you kind of just randomize it, or... did you try to have a little fun with it? I'ts truly astounding some of the time which people spent playing

BF1 BattieHack – AimBot – ESP – NoRecoil

There is a new Battlefield 1 game hack - BF1 BattieHack. It's got many fine features, however these are likely the best 3: AimBot, ESP, and NoRecoil. However these are just a few of the game hacks available, and you should

Fast Follower Leveling WoW 7.2

How can you do Fast Follower Leveling, when WoW 7.2 is released? Blizzard plans to allow you to level up your followers one more level. Additionally, once your followers are max leveled, then you will also be allowed to outfit them

Talons Vengeance Exalted 1 Hour – WoW Cheat

I found a way to get Talons Vengeance to Exalted in 1 Hour. I have been experimenting a lot lately, due to some issues I have been having in World of Warcraft. I am not sure why this happened this way,