Subscription FAQ

Subscription FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a subscription to this site give me?

  • We give you access to Guides & Strategies, Bugs & Exploits, Tips & Tricks, Macros & Scripts,  or Programs that we do not want the general public to get access to.  Some of them are created by our staff, some of them are harvested from other sites.  Content is posted daily, and tried to be kept up-to-date, however anything which is at least one month old is not guaranteed to be fresh or working.

I see advertisements on some of the posts, why is that?

  • Any post which we give for free, as a teaser, will have an advertisement on it.  You do not have to follow or click on the links, it's just our way of maximizing revenue for this site.

I paid for access, but I don't have an account and I can't login. Can you make me an account please?

  • Since you paid for access, you will be sent an email with a link.  The link will allow you to make an account here, and to gain access to the content you paid for.  Once you create an account, you will be able to login on the Members Page or on the Sidebar. Making an account for you, would not tie the account to the subscription.

I can't find the email in my mailbox where can I find the link?

  • Please make sure to check your main email address which you used to pay with, and check in the spam box if you don't see the email. Emails can take upto 2 hours to be received, but will usually be in your mail in less then 1 hour. If you do not see one after 8 hours, please contact us, using the client on the bottom right hand of this page ("Leave a Message") - you may need to enable javascript to see the contact form.

Will my account be automatically re-billed?

  • Yes! As part of our service to you, we will automatically re-bill you at the end of your subscription. We will automatically keep you rolling in your subscription plan to this site until you cancel the recurring subscription. You can do this at any time before your subscription has ended which will allow your subscription to end gracefully.

How exactly, do I cancel my PayPal subscription?

  • Please remember that cancelling your subscription to this site, will automatically cancel any discounts you may have on your subscription.  Should you wish to renew at a later time, the fee may go up. Cancelling your subscription, will allow your subscription to end gracefully.
    1. Login to your PayPal account.
    2. Under My Account, click Profile.
    3. Then, under Financial Information, click on Recurring Payments.
    4. You can now cancel each and every subscription you have, including the one to this site.Note: Subscription transaction numbers always start with S-.
  • If you still have problems with cancelling your subscription, you can use the contact form to have me help you in cancelling it. I will need your PayPal email address or PayPal transaction number however in order to help.
  • Canceling your subscription with PayPal may also cancel your subscription with us. Please make sure you wait till the subscription is about to end, before you cancel it, or you may have to contact us to restore it. We will only restore it from the paid time not from when you claim you haven't had access from. We have no way to tell when your subscription on this site was canceled.

Cancel PayPal subscription

I paid with Clickbank, not PayPal. How do I cancel?

  • You can always use the contact form to contact me to cancel it for you, however doing so may take up to 48 hours to complete. You should not use this method if you are about to be rebilled. Instead log into the email account you setup for this transaction and search for an email from It will have your transaction number as well as a link to follow to cancel the recurring subscription. Click the link, enter your information, and then give a reason or what you would like to do with the order. If you want to cancel, simply send a message asking for a cancellation of your subscription. In most cases the cancellation will take less then an hour.
    Remember, your order number is your transaction number, and may include letters and numbers.


What does the money I pay for, go towards?

  • Some of the money goes towards advertisements, some towards bringing you more content, some towards hosting fees - we pay for a server so your time is not wasted with slower shared hosting.  We also pay for others to bring original content to this site as well.

Can you cancel subscription for me?

  • Yes, but this can take 24-48 hours for us to complete. If you are about to be re-billed please use the above instructions on canceling it instead.

I've been hacked, I didn't authorize this payment, I am gonna dispute the charge!

  • Most likely, you subscribed before and it's just a recurring payment.  Goto PayPal and cancel your subscription.  If you contact us, witin 1 day of a renewal, we will refund the money.  If you open a dispute or wait more then 1 day to contact us, we will not refund the monies. Unfortunately, too many disputes on an account, will cause the PayPal account to go into a bad rep with PayPal, and could cause it to close.  We fight all disputes, to keep our account in good standing.
  • Did you know that if you do a chargeback with your credit card, instead of canceling your subscription, that Clickbank will not allow you to purchase from them for other sites? They are afraid you will make a pattern of it.

I just want to try out your service for a day.  Can I do that?

  • Just pay for a 1 month membership, and cancel it if you don't want to continue.  This membership allows you to try our service for a brief time.  If you don't cancel it, then you will automatically be billed again for 30 days, as a recurring subscription.

I paid for access, when will you mail/ship me my item?

  • Your subscription and payment to this site is not a physical item. No items will be mailed nor shipped. This is a virtual service only, not a physical product. 

I haven't received any emails at all, can you help me?

  • If you haven't received any emails, there is one of two reasons. First, your email provider may have blocked our domain. Please read instructions on white-listing our domain. It should be for *
  • The second likely scenario, is that you are using a Microsoft Service such as Hotmail, Onedrive, or Outlook. If this is the case, we recommend using either a Google or Yahoo mail account. Since we do not spam, we are not sure why they block us.

Do you offer a newsletter?

  • No, at this time we do not. This is due to too many people reporting the newsletters as spam. We may try again at a later time, but do not offer signups at this time.

I have a question not listed here.  How can I ask a different question?