WoW: Rythal’s Fan Update to Carbonite Addon v5.0.4.009

With Carbonite getting a "quick fix" a couple weeks ago in preparation for MoP, one fan decided to fix, the update. Rythal is a fan of Carbonite and has taken it to the next level while fixing many bugs with added features over the base edition, including adding support for Mists of Pandaria maps.

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With MoP only a day away, and no sign of the originals in 2 weeks since the buggy quick fix… I’ve gone ahead hard core on updates… Scenario tracking? you got it… Scenario maps? sure… Challenge mode timers? well.. in theory yes but with no challenge modes to test not 100%… Maps? yes we got maps.. and maps and maps.. pandaria done, BC dungeons / raids added… Group questing? Merry christmas cuz that’s fixed too. Black Map Bugged Zones has been updated to all reported ones.

You can find Rythal's Carbonite addon fork update here.

Future updates can also be found here.

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