Its sad to say, but I will stop updating this mod soon. I will be moving on in life to do other things, and would like to welcome ANYONE who would like to UPDATE or CHANGE the mod in any way, so that everyone who uses it, can continue to use it.

As you can clearly see I have not been back in ages, and as most people know using Mods on closed BNET can now get you banned. I know its a bit late but I just want to put the warning here:


I am officially back, and have actually found some time to update the mod to Version 1.3! I fixed yet another problem with making colored game names, so it should be working properly now.

I Finally updated the mod to version 1.2
I got rid of the Uber Duriel Mod, since it was nerfed.
Some people had some problems with making color games, so I took a new approach. Now everyone should be able to make the games.

Have you ever wondered how people make games with colored names? Did people tell you it is a hack?
It's not! The games are, infact, made using a mod! This mod is NOT a hack.

Since modding is legitimate, you do not have to worry about being banned.

Not only does this MOD contain what is needed to make colored game names, but it also had many features that you saw in Mods such as Farcast, Full light radius, left click Mod, Uber Duriel, and much more.

I had originally debated on whether or not to release this to the public, but here it is. Tell me what you think of it, and depending on the feedback, I might continue to add more features to it. (If you want me to add something to it, post it, and I will see what i can do.)

What This Mod Does

It enables you to use any character when creating a game name, thus enabling you to make Games with Colored names.
(The directions on how to do this are included)
It enables farcasting certain spells.
It enables unlimited light radius.
Fastest increased attack speed/block rate/cast rate/hit recovery for all characters.
Changed the color of names of mobs and bosses.
All creatures can now be seen on the minimap. (Just as if you were using a maphack)
Traps and other such things can now be seen on the mini-map.
If you or someone else uses cloak of shadows, you do not lose your light radius.

For a link to the download go to:
King_Yoshi's Color Mod V 1.0
King_Yoshi's Color Mod V 1.1
King_Yoshiu's Color Mod v 1.2
(Old Versions)

King_Yoshi's Color Mod v 1.3
(Newest Version)

Many features in this mod are either parts of other mods, or ideas I thought of because of other mods.
I just wanted to thank all those other modders, and give them credit for their work, which inspired me to creat this mod.

Craphack - laundryBAG
Obliviate Farcast - Apeliotes aKa Obliviate aKa Morsmordre
RGX Mod - Dark_Mage
Kuk's Funky all-around Mod - Kukloprdos

I think of this mod as more of a compilation of many useful mods. i did not copy and paste the mods I actually recreated them from scratch, plus I added my own touches to it.

And here are a couple screen shots.