Starcraft 2: Poulet-AI v2.0 tool

If you're bored of playing against the weak Starcraft 2 computer opponents, or you want to practice your builds and timings offline use this AI script!

By nasmer

- Extract the zip into your SC2 betaMods folder. Enjoy!
(Should look something like C:GamesStarCraft2BetaModsLiberty.SC2ModBase.SC2Data)

- Advanced reactive core!
- Dynamic expansion, unit, and resource handling!
- This version is designed to counter your units and to practice 1vs1 timings.
- The AI has normal resources! (It will only have as many units as a human opponent could have - at least in the standard version)
- It will attack if you tech too fast!

Additional Information:
- Please submit feedback for me to improve on. Thanks!

I hope you enjoy the AI i put a lot of work into it.
Thanks to everyone who inspired me - i stole code to make this from - (i.e. DarkZeros, Starcrack team/forum, etc...)

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