Team Play Lessons Team Play Lessons are a few things I learned, after we won. We, being the Blue team. First green went down, then, eventually red. And when red went down, I experimented a little bit. Really, this belongs on /r/ThatHappened simply because who would believe on that Team Play can ever be won, am I right? Team Play Lessons Team Play LessonsSo after we won, I did a couple experiments. Here's what I learned... 

First off, have you ever seen the Chinese and Koreans late at night, dominating the non-team games? Usually, they like to play on normal or even on experimental. When they play, all the Asians tend to team up, and kick some booty, sharing the "loot", as it were.

Well one of the things I learned, which falls under Team Play Lessons, is that when you see a virus being eaten (spikey green ball), that the Asians aren't actually cheating. I had assumed they were using a hack of some sort. As it is, this was an incorrect assumption on my part. In fact, when you split, and force one side into a virus, that the other side of your split halves, can then eat the viruses, as long as the first half is still in multiple small cells. But the moment that the cells start to merge into a greater whole, then you can no longer eat the viruses.

The next thing I learned with Team Play Lessons, is that splitting multiple times will cause you to lose mass. I don't know where it goes, but I do know that as you divide into multiple cells - often used to speed away from being eaten, you will also decrease your total size.

Now I have one final portion to these Team Play Lessons. If your side does win, then you can wait out the time to have more people added to your game. It will probably take about 5-10 minutes, but eventually, you will have a full playing board again. So use your time wisely, and collect more pods to grow in size, while avoiding splitting and eating viruses (which causes you to split), and losing mass.

... and yes, if you see Splix out there, that might be me (at least until someone else starts using the name too).

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While I am sharing these Team Play Lessons, let me also share a couple things I do differently... I turn off skins so all I see is colors. I prefer a dark background so I can see all my enemies more clearly. Finally, I set my own skin to one of the easier to obtain skins, so that other users will believe that I am inexperienced.

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