Eat Viruses – Tutorial

Have you ever seen high level players seemingly able to Eat Viruses rather than split into a million blobs, like the rest of us in There is actually a trick to being able to do this, and it's not a game hack of any sort.

Eat Viruses - Tutorial

Eat Viruses - TutorialThe first time I saw it, I thought for sure, someone was using a game hack in order to eat viruses in I mean, when you're small, you hide behind them, and when you're big, you split into several smaller pieces, which can often lead to being eaten, even by smaller blobs. But alas my friends, there is a trick to it, and you can do it without cheating.

The key is, to split before you try to eat a virus. I would suggest doing it twice, so that you are in fact 4 blobs moving around. It can be done with less, and smaller sizes, but we do this for safety to prevent from being eaten. So get big enough by eating other players and eating pellets to where you can split in 4.

Once you are big enough, go ahead and eat one. The blob which you ate it with will now split. Hopefully you're close to another virus, and can now eat another. As long as you have around 16 total blobs, then you can eat viruses without re-splitting. So you in fact, will just absorb them.

Tip: If you play on Experimental, the Mother Virus can be hidden behind, if you are just slightly smaller than it. If you want however, you can do out split trick to eat them. The hard part however, is that you cannot send smaller blobs into them. If you do, they will feed those around it, and make it grow (they don't split). So when you goto eat it, split before hand, but don't try to take it with 16 blobs, unless they are all bigger than the Mother Virus.

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After you Eat Viruses

Whenever you absorb a virus, it's worth about 150 pellets. It's a decent sized blob to eat. But now, there's a new advantage. Being split allows you to see more of the playing field. The only ones who can see as much as you, are also split multiple times into 16 blobs. This means it's easier to move around and know what's around you. It also means that those around you, may or may not see you on the field of play. It's impossible to see you, even with a zoom hack. Because the zoom hack, doesn't cause the server to send you the data of those around you, unless they are about to come into your normal screen.

One other thing to keep in mind, that having small blobs in a tight group is perfect for snatching up pellets really fast. In fact sometimes I use this method in teams to get big, faster. Get big enough to eat a virus, then eat it, absorbing 150 pellet food, and then cleaning up the nearby field of all that food and getting the birds eye of where to go next. It takes a total of 30 seconds to start reabsorbing the blobs back into your central mass.

Eat Viruses as a team

If you don't want to risk your smaller blobs being eaten, you can also work with someone. Send your smaller blobs into a friend, and wait for them to give you back some food. Or better yet, make a team before hand (shake it baby), and then start eating viruses. Once you eat a virus, send it out as bait to trap a hungry prey.


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