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gather better mystery potionsOne of the secrets on, how to gather better mystery potions in, is sacrifice. We'll go into that in a moment, but since this is about potions, lets start by answering the following question: What are mystery potions good for? Potions open up and reveal rare skins, effects for the skins, coin, trophies, and a currency of sorts. The currency can be used to open mystery potions without waiting for hours. If we're going to wait 3 hours or 7, shouldn't the potion be of a better type? This is where this quick guide comes in.

Trophies, allow you to get higher up on the leaderboards. If you're in the top 10 for the week, you will automatically get a prize of more of that mystery currency. Then the currency, allows you to open up more of the mystery potions you have already gathered.

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Gather better mystery potions

gather better mystery potionsSo I revealed earlier, that in order to gather better mystery potions in, you need to be willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice, means giving up your mass, almost all of it, simply to escape dire situations. Some players will never give up their mass, and will lose all their hard work, and a chance to gather better mystery potions. If you're going to lose all of your mass, because a team is working to take all of the mass you have gathered  So in order to escape, I like to eat a virus, if one is close, and move my smaller masses to safety, where I can regroup. Otherwise press that space bar several times, press W to feed, and move out of the way.

Isn't it better to give up most of your mass, than to lose it all, and start over? It means, I might have a better starting point than if I simply restarted. One of the positive effects of sacrificing your mass and not starting over, is that you can then gather better mystery potions. How does this come into play, by lasting more than 10 minutes in a match. So notice in the first 8 minutes or so in the above match, that I was working alone. Then I started working as a team, and the mass was going up and down. Finally, it spiked, it dipped, and it kept on dipping, till the end, when I tried to lose mass. There was just a tail end, but the group took that too. But now, notice in the beginning, I did a mild spike, and then lost mass as well. In that small effort, I was able to move away from the killing field.

Gather better mystery potions alternative methods

gather better mystery potionsSo the second way to gather better mystery potions, is to get into the leaderboards early, and stay in the top 10. Now I have a little trick that I figured out, that I actually use quite a bit. Sunday through Thursday, at 2AM PST (-8GMT), there is a lull of players. I have been able to get into the game, and have only 20 or so players in my shard of the game. This makes it a lot easier to get into the leaderboards and stay there.

Another method I use, is to go into Team play. The only way to make potions here, is by staying alive for a long period of time. So to start, immediately split. Split again, when you get a chance, and gather up lots of food. Since you get to zoom out, you can now see the board and who is coming towards you, with plenty of time to get away. But in the meantime, feed. As soon as you gather enough mass, and merge back into one. You can probably survive, but your options are try to eat other players, help/feed a team member (and repeat the cycle), eat viruses, or keep splitting. Longevity is the key in team play.

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Gather better mystery potions teamwork

Teamwork is a quick easy way to gather better mystery potions. To initiate teamwork, you want to throw out some food. The key is to accept the food and feed the person right back. Shaking, is simply saying, "hey, feed me". There is no exchange, and no implied teamwork.

I have another secret I use to play My skin. I keep the same skin, all the time, and it's not one you get from leveling up. Those who have better skins can keep them, there are a lot of copy-cats. Mine is an older skin, I have seen 1-2 other players have it. Now what makes this so special, is that players recognize me. If you keep the same words or the same skin, you're going to find that there will be more people willing to let you slide by, or work more often with you.

Pro Tip: If you aren't eating or feeding on others, you're losing mass. Keep this in mind when working in teams, because it's an easy way to lose your size gains. You have to keep moving around, because stating on one location, or area, is counter-intuitive.

Use the tips above to gather better mystery potions, and let me know what you think of the guide, by replying below.

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