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Leaderboard Rank Trick - AgarioThe Leaderboard Rank Trick, will make a poor player, or a player who cannot play often, rank higher on the Leaderboards. Now, the benefit of opening potions is you get more skins, and the in-game currency, referred to as DNA.

DNA, allows you to open up potions quicker. In order to get DNA, you need to open potions, or rank within the top 10 in your league, 100th in your country, or 100th in the world. Personally, I have made the top 5 in my league for the last 3 weeks, but I am still down around the 150-350 range for my nation, and further down for the world ranking.

Leaderboard Rank Trick

So the Leaderboard Rank Trick is actually pretty easy, and pretty straight forward. It actually also incorporates the last lesson I provided you, How to gather better mystery potions in Agar.io. You might be able to do this once every other week, or maybe you do not need this trick, to rank higher. It really depends on you, and if you need this trick.

In order to use the Leaderboard Rank Trick you need to farm potions of better quality, preferably the yellow or pink, not the green and the blue. This means you need to follow my advice on how to gather better mystery potions. The next thing you need to do, is go through the ordeal of unlocking the potions, but without opening them.  Any time you have a green or a blue potion, knock those out as soon as possible, open them and clear them from your inventory, pay to unlock the little green ones if you want, and have enough DNA.

So once you have 3 of the yellow or pink potions, you want to wait. Wait till the leaderboards clear, and you can open them immediately the following day. Now you have 3 empty slots and you play as normal, farming the better potions. The key, is that you will be well ahead of your compatriots in the same league.

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The is actually one final Leaderboard Rank Trick in Agario, but that would be a dastardly thing to do, and would really mess with the game's stats. You would use a really fast proxy (like the one I have linked above), and then change your country in Agar.io. I mean to even come up with that kind of strategy, would be taking advantage of people with really slow internet connections, like the Phillipines.

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