Evony Age 2: About Historic Cities

Historic Cities is the best new features of Evony Age 2 imho. Conquering one of these is quite a challenge. The historic cities comes in 4 different types and they are spread all over the server. You can find more details about each of them further down in this article.


The Historic Cities can be conquered by players, and the owner of an Historic Cities will have a great advantage when it comes to controlling the area around it, as an Historic City can levy both resources and troops from cities surrounding it. This means that you can actually steal both troops and resources from your neighbors when you hold one of these cities, which is pretty cool. How wide of an area the historic city controls depends on it’s level, the the higher the level of the city the harder it also is to conquer.


level18historicLevel 18 historic cities.
There is only one level 18 historic city on each server, and this one is called Atlantis. It is placed at coordinate 0,0 on all server, and it is the strongest historic city there is. Conquering Atlantis is extremely hard, and only the strongest of alliance have managed to conquer one of these. There is often battles about Atlantis on most servers, as all the strong alliances want to be the owner of the city. Atlantis is the capital of the whole Evony server after all.


level16historicLevel 16 historic cities.
The level 16 historic cities are considered the state capitals, and there is one of them in each of the 16 Evony states. Washington D.C. is the capital of Friesland, Prague of Lower Lorraine, Paris of Upper Lorraine, Ottawa of Burgundy, Beijing of Saxony, Berlin of Franconia, Rome of Swabia, Jerusalem of Lombardy, Loyang of Northern March, Vienna of Thuringen, Athens of Bavaria, Canberra of Tuscany, Moscow of Bohemia, London of Movaria, Cairo of Carinhia and Isamabad of Romanga. Conquering a level 16 is pretty hard to do, and you’ll probably need the help of your alliance to do so, but not even close to as difficult as conquering Atlantis.


level14historicLevel 14 historic cities.
The level 14 historic cities are located every 66 miles on x and y, starting from 33,33 and onwards. These cities have a green flag on their walls. It is possible for strong players to conquer the level 14 historic cities alone, and many strong players have these historic cities under their control. You get a pretty wide area to control if you own one of these, but not as wide as the area the state capitals and world capital controls.


level12historicLevel 12 historic cities.
The level 12 historic cities are pretty easy to conquer, and there are a bunch of them spread out all over the server. You can find them every 18 miles on the x and y axis of the server, starting from 9,9. The city will contain something like 1.2M warriors, 27k calvary, 40k pikemen, 17k archers and maxed fortifications, and you need about 200k archers and 300k warriors to conquer it successfully. I suggest you start out with trying to conquer a level 10 NPC as a practice before you attempt to conquer historic cities.


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