Evony: Wipe Out 1 Million Enemy Troops every Attack Wave


This is a great team attack strategy. If you have a larger player that you just can’t take out this is a good way to beat them down before an all out assault on their city.


First off one of your alliance members has to get colonized. So pick your target, port close by if you aren’t already or even build a new city close to your target. Then start taunting them. You can steal valleys, send nuisance attacks, scout constantly, whatever it takes. Remember this also works great if you or an alliance member has already been colonized.

Now what your team is going to do is attack the colonized player, yes your team mate. To do this the attacker will have to be temporarily booted from your alliance. Don’t boot the colonized player as this might tip off the suzerain as to what you are planning.

Now before you can attack your team member he/she will have to do a few things. The first thing is to destroy all of their wall defenses. Then they must demo their Academy and Beacon Tower. In a perfect world this player will also have low level walls (good argument for building a new city), this is not a must but it helps.

buildings&cities_4Now what this has done is remove any advantages that the “techs” give you (your team/the colonized player) and your suzerain vicariously. So the colonized player now needs to open their gates and move all but a handful of troops and I do mean 1-5. You have to have at least 1 troop otherwise when you do the attack you will simply get a “There were no defending troops in the city” report, no battle. Finally boot the team member who is going to do the attacking.

When you attack yourself and your suzerain’s army defends its colony (you) the suzerain will have no techs (Academy) and no intelligence (Beacon Tower). They may have a massive army in their city and suppression set to 100% but all of their troops will be fighting as though no upgrades had ever been done.

This will make his massive army no match for your/your team mates single wave of 100k-125k troops with a high attack hero and full techs. You can take out almost any number of troops, even well over 1 million, in a single wave. On top of that in my experience you should take very few losses.

Scout the suzerain before the attack if you can. This should be done by a third alliance member or the colonized player. You should always check your results ahead of time if you want to be sure of the outcome. Here is a good battle calculator.

The only thing that you can’t really be sure of ahead of time is what your suzerain’s suppression setting is at. If it is set to 0% then none of their troops will come to your aid and the attacker (your alliance member) will become your new suzerain without a fight. As soon as this member is let back into the alliance you will be free. If it is set at 100% you will have a huge victory and a battle report you can really brag about!

If you get an impressive battle report and would like to brag, leave it as a comment below! I look forward to hearing your results. Happy hunting!

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