Age of Conan: Memloc offsets

Player Table: 0x021983c8
x: +34
y: +3c
z: +38
rotation1: +88
rotation2: +90
rotation3: +A4
rotation4: +AC
speed walking back: +110
speed walking forward: +10C
speed walking strafe: +118
speed running back: +114
speed running forward: +108
speed running strafe: +11C
speed sprinting: +10C
max endu: +30 +3c4
max health: +30 +3b4
max mana: +30 +3b8
current endu: +30 +3c0
current health: +30 +310
current mana: +30 +3bc
player_name: +30 +1d0
my_serial: 0x01dfe524
target_serial: 0x01e2b450

camera max_zoom: 0x02198168
camera y: 0x0219816c
camera zoom: 0x02198160
camera zoom_animation: 0x02198164

Object Table:
Base +pointer1 +pointer2

Base: 0x02FFB7A0
pointer1: number*4-4
objectbase: +0
type: +4
serial: +8
x: +e4
y: +ec
z: +e8
stealth: +454
current life: +310
max life: 3b4
current mana: +3bc
max mana: +3b8
current endu: +3c0
max endu: +3c4

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