Aion: Aionbuddy DirectX Radar Overlay

AionBuddy, has just announced the release of a new hack, called AIONBuddy Directx Radar.


- 100% in game radar (no overlay)
- 100% DirectX (work in full screen, no lags etc)
- Show Friendly Players (green)
- Show Hostile Players (red)
- Show NPCS (hostile - yellow, neutral - white)
- Show Names & HP
- Show Player LVL and Class
- Show Resource Nodes
- Show Quest / Clickable Items
- Show Dead NPCs and Players (black)


For more info about AIONBuddy Glider,  AIONBuddy Tools and AIONBuddy DX
Radar features please visit

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK - These are bots and hacks, and could cause a suspension or ban to yuor account.

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