Aion: Asmodian Female Nude Hack

For our underage friends we are unable to show pix, however this is the nude hack which will turn your Asmodian Female character into a hottie without clothes.

  1. Make a copy of original "Mesh_Textures_006.pak" which is located at (...aionobjectspcdfmeshMesh_Textures_006.pak) and rename to Mesh_Textures_006.pak.bak
  2. Download new "Mesh_Textures_006.pak"
  3. Extract the archive and copy+paste the file into (...aionobjectspcdfmesh)
  4. Start Aion without patching
  5. Enjoy your new character model!

Note: Each time you patch, you will need to re-apply this nude hack. Patching will remove the hack.

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