Aion: Clever Crafter bot

Clever Crafter stand-alone crafting bot

What it does ?
It will take your latest work order and craft the needed amount of items it requires u to.
If it fails it will delete the quest and get it again.
It will turn in the quest and get it again.

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What does not work yet ?
Stop crafting at - because i do not have current points OFFSET
increase by 1 if fails - because it is not needed anymore will remove later.
IT does not buy materials you must have the materials ( i will be implementing this feature soon as everything works as i want on this version)

To do list ?
Buy materials
Check for current materials amount
Stop after X points
Auto upgrade from 99 to 100 and so forth
Normal Craft without taking work order

Create a macro and make sure it is the first macro on your macro list (Make sure your "Enter Macro Command" has only one line).
Put the macro on the Quickbar 1 Key 0.
Run the Bot setup and follow it is instructions.
Now you can minimize your game and let it auto-craft for you.
*instructions in file*


NOTE: Use Bots at your own risk, suspension or bans can occur.

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3 Responses to Aion: Clever Crafter bot

  1. ttt says:

    “”;”Virus found Win32/Patched”;”Infected”
    “”;”Virus identified Win32/Themida”;”Infected”
    “”;”Virus identified Win32/Themida”;”Infected”
    “”;”Virus identified Win32/Themida”;”Infected”

  2. Spitt says:

    “Also, some older virus scanners simply report all compressed executables as viruses because the decompressor stubs share some characteristics with those. Most modern virus scanners can unpack several different executable compression layers to check the actual executable inside, but some popular anti-virus and anti-malware scanners have had troubles with false alarms on compressed executables.”

    Themida is one of the packers listed in the article above.

    However, to be fair, I also ran it through VirusTotal –

    It shows a rootkit (usually need those for bots to hide them from games) and a trojan on some reports. Honestly, something like this is use at your own risk. By the way, AVG, was the only one which showed Themida. You might want to also check out this security post on AntiVirus reviews.

  3. Anonym says:

    does this bot work for infinite aion?

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