Get anyone banned trick – Albion Online

Get anyone bannedI came across a method to get anyone banned in Albion Online. It's a mean trick, but it works surprisingly well. Now I wouldn't personally do this, but if you feel wronged in the game, or someone has repeatedly been messing with you, and a GM won't help, then you can use this tutorial to take care of the problem yourself.

Before we get started with this tutorial on how to get anyone banned, let me start by saying this will cost you money. If anyone finds out what you did, it could also cost your friends. But don't worry, I am not going to tell them.

Get anyone banned in Albion Online

Warning to get anyone banned in Albion Online

Use this information wisely, and don't let the sudden power goto your head. Sure, you can become the top dog in game by using this information, but consider the costs, before you proceed. The more people you futz with, the more you get banned, the less people who you can play with in Albion Online. And it IS considered a douche move - which should never be shared publicly.

Remember that the person won't know why they got banned, and because of this, won't be able to fight it. It's a terrible system which allows this exploit to happen, but because it's there, there is no way around an automated ban.

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So that's it, that's our tutorial on how to get anyone banned within Albion Online.

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