Android Phone Tool: GameCIH – Game Cheat app for Android

Ok, it's not Cheat Engine, it's another game hacking software, but the premise is the same, which is what makes this a nice tool for Android phones. The actual name of this product is called GameCIH, but it works in much the same way that Cheat Engine works for Windows OS.

How to use GameCIH:

Start GameCIH and select the button/hotkey you want to use to activate GameCIH (personally I use the search key or a volume button - don't use one which will quit or pause the game).

Start your game of choice.Let's say you have 5 lives in this game, so the first thing we need to do is press the hotkey you decided to use earlier. Tap the input number text and a dialog box will open allowing you to enter a number. As I said earlier you have 5 lives, so we are going to search for the .number 5. Enter 5 in the box and press ok.

Now you should have a screen that says a certain amount of results have been found eg: 673 results have been found!. Do not worry about this, as it only means that GameCIH has found 673 places in the game where the number 5 is held. Now we need to change your amount of lives you have so we can track down the location where your lives are held.

Now either loose a life or gain a life, let's say that you loose a life so now you are on 4. Press your hot key again and search for the number 4. What GameCIH will do now is look at all of the 673 places that we found the number 5 and see which has changed to 4. And the amount of finds will drop dramatically, just keep doing that process of loosing a life and searching for the new number till you get the results down to the one place where your lives are held. Now you can change that value to 9 and give yourself 9 lives :).

Troubleshooting GameCIH

  • Your phone doesn't need to be rooted to use some games, however some of them will need to be rooted. It's a matter of phuxing with it, to try to get it to work for your instance. However rooting is highly recommended.
  • Most custom rom's have an ad-blocker built in so this causes a problem with people being able to get the full version. To use the full version you MUST click on the add, once done the add should turn red, allowing support for all games.
  • As for the people getting the "System deny to root error". I have found that in my case, the "permissions" were incorrect. I was using Leedroid 2.2f on a desire. There are a few complicated ways of fixing your permissions if an app like ROM Manager can't do it for you. The easiest way for me was to flash another Rom with busybox built-in and in the right place. I now use neophyte's auraxtsence 8 and GameCIH works without any issues. I know this won't work for everyone but it worked for me. 🙂

Again, I hope I've been able to help some of you.

Download GameCIH:

GameCIH Forums:


Additional tutorials can be found by downloading CheatEngine(.org) for Windows, and reading through those. It will show you what to look for.

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