Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing

So over the last couple days, I have been having a lot of fun with Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing. I was so excited when I hit Copper 3, then Copper 2, Copper 1, and working my way unto Silver 3. But it was getting harder and harder, as all my enemies were so tough. Thats when I decided to do something about it. 

Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing

Crashing DomiNations Ladder ClimbingListen, the moment you figure out how to better design your base, is the moment you stop getting attacked as much. You surround your catapults with walls, your ballista towers with walls, your archery towers with walls. You even surround your town center with walls, and you group them tightly together, in the middle of your map. Then you move your storehouses and farms around the outside. Anyone going for Stars, is going to find you a formidable opponent, and likely skip you. And everyone goes for stars, to rank up and do the dance of Ladder Climbing.

But here's the thing. You don't need to, and Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing is the answer. Sure, it gets you a nice bonus every day, and gets you a better chance at bonus rewards when you take down enemies, but thats it. Since the opponents are harder, you loot less. So I decided to do the opposite of DomiNations Ladder Climbing, and crash. I dropped 300 points down to the 400 range in about an hour. It's easy to do this, but takes discipline.

In order to start Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing, you need to attack with no more then 5-10 troops. The object is to attack piles of gold and farms. Send 2-3 troops in on one side of the map, then switch to the other side, and then the other side again. You want to loot food and gold, but leave buildings behind. You also want to stay below 35% damage. If you get 1 star, you will rank up, so avoid this when possible.

What's going to happen, is it will become easier to take down enemies, loot more of them, and in the end Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing. Remember how I mentioned base design? If you have a crappy design, you will get attacked more, and lose ranking this way. However you also lose loot. So instead, we want to have a strong base design, drop rank from attacks, and loot the crap out of everyone.

Now remember when I mentioned I dropped to the 400 range, basically shedding 300 points of rank? In that hour of rank shedding, I looted 400k gold, and 800k in food. Since the normal strategy is attack and spend, I didn't have to worry about it. No one with a high rank can attack, and my base design keeps others at bay.

I am not saying that Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing is for you, but it works for me, and allows me more loot to level up faster and safer.

Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing tactics written by Spitt of

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