DomiNations Diamond Farming

DomiNations Diamond Farming is really easy, if you've already read my guide on Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing. It's a fairly simple measure, and a slight twist to de-ranking. In my other guide, I taught you how to de-rank, so that you would have easier fights, which in turn gives you a crap load of easy loot. Right now, I pick and choose who I want to attack - and for the most part, while I am still sitting in the Medieval age, I am taking down those who are in the Gunpowder age without problem.

Farming however isn't just limited to diamonds. If you are also farming loot from other nations, so as to make alliances (for World War), then this is also going to come in handy.

DomiNations Diamond Farming

DomiNations Tips: DomiNations Diamond FarmingThe first step for you, is to read my other guide (see link above). Learn to de-rank, 200 medals is the least you can have sadly. When you get down to 200, you can start deciding who you want to attack. At this point, I am taking on just about every single battle, and then de-ranking again, so I stay below 300 medals. I loot food, gold, and resources which I can use in World Wars. I also loot diamonds which I will use for my mercenaries.

So you're looking and you see that someone has 2000 food, 5000 gold, and you're thinking to pay 250 gold to get a new opponent. Don't. In fact, go ahead and wipe them out, so you can collect that diamond. Then you will also collect the national treasure.

Now because you're below 300 medals, the only ones who can attack you (except in a World War), is someone who is low ranking. Hopefully, you also have a strong town design. I am not sure which is the strongest at this point, but I have my town center in the middle, with archer towers, catapults, and ballista towers surrounding the town center, with most of them individually walled. It's tight. Then surrounding that, is the road, with everything else interspersed surrounding the road - most touching it. By interspersed, I mean the farms aren't grouped, the warehouses for the most part are split between the 4 sides, and the barracks and stables are also surrounding and spread out. Essentially, this means I have a very tough base - for anyone including those who are the next age up.

So again, if you want to go about DomiNations Diamond Farming and National Treasure Farming, de-rank and then attack everyone including those in the classical age, even if they don't have food/gold. 

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