DomiNations Tips – Raiding and Defending Guide

I decided to write this DomiNations Tips - Raiding & Defending Guide, as I have been playing this game and while no expert, there are tactics I can share which will help you dominate those in other alliances. Leveling comes simply from completing tasks and upgrading. It's not something we need to focus on. However with Raiding and Defending there are some DomiNations Tips and tactics which will make you a more successful raider.

DomiNations Tips - Raiding and Defending Guide

DomiNations TipsWhat is DomiNations? It's a game for the Android and iOS platforms which will allow you to play a civilization type game with others worldwide. Much like Clash of Clans and similar games you start in the Stone Age, and slowly build your way to the Space Age, attacking enemies on your way to prestige in the ladder based ranking system.

The first thing I want to tell you in this DomiNations Tips - Raiding and Defending Guide, is to go ahead and play out the first set of campaigns. You don't need to get 5 stars on everything, but it's going to help teach you to be a better tactician. Once you open up and get to "Ruling the Nile" - that is the second campaign you can stop doing campaigns, and focus on Raiding.

DomiNations is all about tactics. It's from building to raiding, to planing your layout. So let's list a number of things you need to do after you finish your first campaign.

The most important aspect I can say, is build up your walls. Right now, each segment will cost me 90k gold. It's excessive, and I will level them, but here's the thing. Not many people are raiding me back. They see my wall level, and most will turn around and not fight. I am in the medieval age (2nd age), with level 5 walls.

Next, work on building up your archer towers, these should be at least level 3, if not higher. The higher they are, the more damage you are going to inflict on your enemies when they attack you. Archery towers should always be in range of your catapults or cannons (later in the game), and these should always be surrounded by their own walls, which are also surrounded by your city walls.

In order of protection: Town Center (most important), Forbidden City (if you have it), Storehouse, Market, Mill, Farms, Defensive Buildings. The rest is chaff, and doesn't need to be protected other then cursory. Always completely surround your Town Center. If you have the Forbidden City, try to park this as far away from your Town Center as possible. Most people will focus on the Town Center and hopefully ignore the Forbidden City, until it's too late.

For civilizations, I chose Greek to lower my cost to complete projects (I get a refund on completion). It will also allow me to complete the last 15 minutes of a project for free. This simply means I get to save 10 minutes time. You can choose whichever you like, but for me, it means I am going to build buildings faster and cheaper.

For wonders, I chose the Forbidden City as my starter, so it gives me a second Town Center to help me defend my loot. In medieval, I chose Arcopolis to speed up my troop building time, which in turn means I can raid more often. Raiding is the most effective way to building up your resources - if done correctly (more on that later). Gunpowder Age, I will be going with the Taj Mahal as it gets me more stolen loot as well as gives me a merc troop for free - which I am always struggling to build with limited resources. In the Industrial Age, I will opt for the Statue of Liberty to increase the effectiveness of my planes, which means more air attack. If I were a pacifistic, I would opt for the Eiffel Tower to increase storage and give a Peace Treaty to stop attacks. In the Atomic Age, I will opt for The Pentagon to train air based troops faster - so I can attack more. My second choice would be the Sydney Opera House, so that I could get those expeditions done faster. These can mean bonus troops which are at the ready for me when I attack. Waiting 9 hours now, just to get an extra troop stinks. Reducing it to 7 hours could mean a strong difference.

For economy boosting, that is to increase the amount of food and gold you can reap per day without raiding, you will need to build up your farms, caravans, and road. Upgrading one road, will upgrade all your roads. Until I did it, I thought it was going to be like the walls where you need to increase a section at a time - which would be very costly. As you research, you will also gain more fruit trees and mines.

Whenever possible, you should always have at least 2 citizens free. If you can complete a project in under 2 hours where you need all your citizens, then do it. But 2 free will allow you to harvest your fruit trees and mines, as well as hunt deer, foxes, and rabbits. These are all important for your merc troop recruiting.

Likely one of the most important things to remember is to play this game on a steady connection. For me, if I am raiding, I need to play on 4G, rather then on wifi. All it takes is one temporary disconnect, and you just lost a battle with all your troops.

When I am seeking out a battle, the first thing I have trained myself to look for, is loot. If I am not going to get much loot, what's the point of attacking a poorly defended town? Only one, which is medals. But this simply raises the bar on who you will attack and who will attack you, so go after loot, not medals. If the loot is worthy, AND it's an easy to gain, then go for it. Try to attacks farms, mills, storehouses, and markets with minimal losses, then go for the town center.

After you raid, try to spend as much loot as possible. This will lessen the chance for retaliatory attacks. If you only have 60k food waiting to be taken, then it's unlikely you will be attacked unless someone is desperate or really pissed that you won a successful raid against them. It does happen, it's almost like they are trying to teach you a lesson, but the lesson to be learned here is to look at loot first, and then how easy the person will be to take out.

So when it comes to loot, it's important to remember to upgrade your mills and market. If you want to build bigger and better buildings, you need to have more space to put your loot, to save to build those buildings. For example, if I want to build a castle which requires 850k in food, but I only can store 700k in food, there is no way I will be able to save enough to build the building I crave.

My final DomiNations Tips I want to share with you, is your Alliance. Join one. After every PVP battle, you are going to want to Request Troops. I personally joined USA Fighters, but you can choose any alliance as long as it's active and has players. You request troops and you give free troops. It's amazing how much this will help, especially when your alliance is sending you Gatling guns along with your tribal troops to attack. I just hit Copper 2, which means I have at least 500 medals. Since I am still in my first week of PVPing, it's pretty impressive. More so, since I am in the Medieval age.

Whoo! I didn't expect my DomiNations Tips - Raiding and Defending Guide to be so long. When I first imagined it, I was thinking I would have like a small list of 10 things. Hope you all enjoyed these DomiNation Tips. If you did, like and share this post to your favorite social media - it was written by Spitt of

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