Mini Golf King Tips – Earn Better Rewards

Do you like miniature golf, and it's challenges? If might be time to check out these Mini Golf King Tips, if you're playing this app on your mobile device. I have to admit, at first, I was a bit miffed, until I figure out some of these secrets, and started climbing the ladder to earn better rewards.

Mini Golf King can be found on the Google Play Store & Apple iTunes.

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Mini Golf King Tips

Mini Golf King TipsSo the first of the Mini Golf King Tips I have for you, is pretty easy to understand - rank up. When you rank up, you will get better rewards. As you get better rewards, you will gain more effective equipment. Once you get better equipment, you win more often, netting coinage to level up your equipment.

So the next of my Mini Golf King Tips, is to join a team. I would like to suggest, you go with a higher level team which has minimum trophies to join. By choosing a team with 200 or more trophies or more needed, you are going to find more active players. The team master who started the team, can kick out inactive players but may not want to as large numbers tricks others into thinking its an active team. So joining a team with more active players, will net you more rewards, but a large empty team gives you nothing. If you want to join my team (Wild West) for example, you will need 200 trophies to join which means the players haven't jumped ship after a few days or a week of play.

The next one of my Mini Golf King Tips is to use English when you hit the ball. Using English is a Pool players term which means to hit the ball so that it spins one way or another. These can allow you to set up your next shot in pool, or in miniature golf, to counteract wind. Usually, this is forward to make the ball go further, backwards to make it go shorter, and right or left to make it curve. The wind effect is more drastic when you hit the ball in the air, so effects are more pronounced with a sand wedge like the Soccer wedge or a Driver.

Our next Mini Golf King Tips, is when you need gems, to play on stage 1. By playing on stage 1, you don't lose as much, you don't win as much, and you won't be afraid to lose, so you can pick up more gems. For example on a normal game, 2k gems is great. But since I didn't care, I took extra shots and nabbed 8k, and purposely lost so I could get more gems in the end. Getting gems, will in turn reward you with a big bonus chest, and if you are on a team, it gives you a team bonus chest. For teams, gem farming is worth more than trophies - once you are on a team anyways.

And our final tip in this Mini Golf Tips is a doozy. Lose. After you have ranked up, it becomes harder and harder to win, let alone find players. So by losing, we get more players and we win more with better equipment, meaning we can also win better chests.

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