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I recently found out a way to not get attacked, I call it the No Peace Treaty Needed trick. It's not a cheat, simply a way of avoiding all the attacks which kills all my resources, 100k at a time. It seems that no matter what, you're going to get attacked, unless you use a Peace Treaty, but those can be expensive over time, costing jewels.

No Peace Treaty Needed trick

DomiNations TipsSo this trick is actually a variation of my Crashing DomiNations Ladder Climbing trick, but it is a specific location on the ladder we are looking for. Instead of going less than 200 rankings, our goal is to get to about 450 rank. This means that you will get a daily gift, and be in the lowest possible rank.

Now what happens here, is that people are realizing in PVP that they can climb higher, or climb lower, but not one wants to sit in the lowest rank. At no rank, it's easy pickings for raiding food and gold, and at their highest tier, it means better daily rewards. But at 450? It's a doorway one-way or another either up, or down. I have gone 4 days now, with No Peace Treaty Needed. I haven't been attacked for food losing 100k or more. I haven't been attacked for gold, and I haven't lost any resources.

In all, this No Peace Treaty Needed is probably the most useful, as it's the perfect spot to sit while you collect gold from caravans and mins, and food from farms and trees. However, the moment you go up, or down in the ladder, brings forth an onslaught of attacks. So if you are planning to raid, drop to around 150, and when you want to enjoy your spoils, sit at 450. Now I have peace to collect resources so that I can save them to upgrade my defenses and forces.

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