Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts

Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts is a long arduous process, but it is possible. For all intents and purposes, the numbers for Lucky Day, do not add up. That doesn't mean you can't cash out with real money. It just means that the advertised prizes rarely hit. But with this guide, you can maximize your chances of cashing out real money.

Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts

Winning Lucky Day Cash PayoutsSo I have been playing Lucky Day on my Android device (its also available on iTunes), and wondered why they only show small photos for winners. If you think about it, they should be showing proof that people are winning big, but they are showing winners holding up $25, $10, and even $100. But if I was advertising, I would want to show $1000, $5000, and even $10,000 winners. They aren't which means they aren't giving away as much as they are implying.

Before you make your judgement however, I want to share with you some information. The first is that as an example, to give you a $30,000 prize, McDonalds was giving you chances of winning was 160 million to 1. This is because they needed to cover the cost of the prize, and make money which covers profits. So in order to offer a $1000 prize, Lucky Day needs to make at least $10,000 - since they do hand out other rewards as well. 

Winning Lucky Day Cash PayoutsAd revenue is the only way they can pay for the prizes. How hard is it to get $10,000 in ad revenue? When I used to run Google ads on this site, I needed 100,000 ad impressions to earn $10. Assuming that the ratio is still the same, in order to make $10,000, Lucky Day needs to show 100 million ad impressions. That's quite a lot, when you realize that the average user might see 5 -10 ads a day on Lucky Day.  For the sake of easy math, lets assume its 10 ads a day, per user per day. They have roughly 1 million downloads, so thats 10 million ads shown daily, in the best of circumstances. But they need 100 million to give away $1000 and still make a healthy profit. That means they need everyone to login everyday, and see those 10 ads. This then means they need 10 days to hit the $1000 giveaway goal. Now throw in all the other potential give-aways, and you will see that they can't really offer up all the prizes they show on their application. 

If we cut the needed profit margin to $1000 in profit for every $1000 given away, then this is much more doable in terms of prize money giveaways, but I can attest that running a server which can cover that amount of traffic is expensive. You're looking at a bare minimum of $1000 monthly for that server, more if its raid redundant or offers load balancing. Also, no one is going to offer a service like this, where the profit is only $3000 a month, as they need multiple devs and graphic artists. So the original $10k ad revenue per $1k given away is more likely true than not.

We know that every 30 days, they give away $1000. We also know there are drawings for $50 daily ($1500 monthly). Add to that random scratchers and rewards (you get $1 for every 1 million chips). The only way I can think they might be able to do all this, is not to use Google Ads - instead offering a supplement to their own ads where they make more money -or- they are banking on future successes and operating at a loss.

Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts

Here's the information you have been waiting for. Now that we have established that something is off on the math of the game, and that they are falsely advertising big winners, we can focus on how you can use the information to win and cash out more.

These are your lessons to Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts...

  1. Play the lotto daily.
    • Don't pay for more entries. Your chance of winning is 1 in 32 billion. Wasting credits on a 32 billion to one chance, is a waste. 
  2. Don't use your credits to get more drawing tickets. 
    • Assuming 1 million active players on mobile devices, you shouldn't be wasting credits which can be cashed out on a 1 million to one chance, to win $50 or even the $1000.
  3. Save up your credit.
    • When you get 10 million, use them to cash out on $10 gift cards.
  4. Save the cash.
    • On the first week, I made $1.25.... on the next 2, I made $ .25. Some users have reported that it takes over a year to get $10, which is needed to cash out. Figure on average you will earn $ .80 a month playing, or roughly 3 cents a day. 
  5. Do not stop playing till you can cash out.
    • The monies that you have earned, will revert back to the company if you stop playing, which means its pure profit for them. 
  6. If you read my write up above on Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts, you know the odds of winning are slim and none, why not collect free Bitcoin and Doge which offers better odds and a real value to cashout when prices jump again.
  7. If you haven't started playing, use our referral code to net an additional 3 scratchers and 100k chips. Use YK4TLZM.

UPDATE: After one month of playing, I had $7.75 in my cash balance. But then, it got stuck. In the entire month following, I did not receive one cent. Also, the amount of chips I was receiving has gone down on my weekly average - I am now averaging 1000 chips per game, which means I get roughly 200k chips a week. I can cash out a $5 gift card, but figured on waiting till I could get a $10 giftcard and $10 cash. On special note, I have spun the Wheel of prizes almost 10 times, and still have not won any cash. I have learned that if you want to cash out, then the best way, is to use a different app. For that, I want to refer you to iBotta. I currently cash out $20 a month - which is enough to pay for a game, buying everyday items.

I hope this has been a learning experience for you, and that this Winning Lucky Day Cash Payouts guide comes in handy. I do wish you all the best, and great luck as well. I hope one of you wins $1000 or more.

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