Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick – Subway Surfers

Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick - Subway SurfersI have been playing Subway Surfers for a while and I use this Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick to get more characters and more coins. You will see in the video below, I recorded this on my phone. 

Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick

First off, we need to set some rules. The first is simple. Pick-up a letter and kill your character, then restart the game. But if you miss a letter, the same rule applies, kill your character and restart. The final rule, is the most important; No picking up jetpacks. It will take you longer to complete each character's name, if you pick one up. 

That's all there is to use this Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick in Subway Surfers. I'll be the first to tell you its possible to get every character within the game, just playing Wordy Weekends. But you will also need a lot of coins. There is however no fast way to get coins.

Coin Farming tips

There are however a few rules I follow on coin farming in Subway Surfers. The first and most important rule of Coin Farming is to only use fast boards when you have a magnet. If you do not have a magnet or not even a fast board, then you should not use a board as all. Not even to save your character. Furthermore, I highly suggest you purchase a fast board, or rather a board which can be upgraded with keys to unlock a fast ability. I chose the monster board for this, because I also like the super jump ability. Another rule of coin farming is to choose arcs of coins over lines of coins. The only exception to this rule, is when the line of coins is on a train moving towards you. Coins in this manner are picked up much faster and can yield better results. The Final rule of coin farming, is not to buy boards, crates, nor anything else which can cause your coins to go down. You will get boards given to you, just double up every chance you get, and follow the above rules.

Just about every weekend, I have used this Wordy Weekend Fast Completion trick along with my Coin Farming tips, to get most of the characters within Subway Surfers.

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