Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

Use DirectX 11 in Archeage

It's possible to install Archeage DirectX 11.Use DirectX 11 in Archeage Here you'll learn how to use the real DX11 and your in-game graphics will look much nicer then the DX10, which passively emulates DX11.

Note: Close the game before all operations. Always save original files. This Archeage DirectX 11 tweak works well with a mid range quality GPU, with a max age of 2 years old. With an HD5870 I had some stuttering and I had to lower the in-game settings to high. With a GTX970, no problem of course, with everything on Ultra.

Warning: This is a game tweak. The files have been scanned for viruses, but it's not really an "allowed game hack". It is however only a graphix tweak, but if you are worried about Trion banning your account for a minor tweak, then by all means, do not install this Archeage DirectX 11 tweak.

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Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

A. Optimization for NVIDIA graphics cards:
NVIDIA Control Panel > 3D parameter > Add C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\ArcheAge\Live\bin32\archeage.exe
This greatly improves the shades and paradoxically also the number of fps so it's really not insignificant.

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

B. Utilizing the real Archeage DirectX 11
When installing Archeage DirectX 11 for the first time, you will find that DirectX11 is an emulation of DirectX10. Here's how to optimize your game with the true DirectX11:

First, download and paste the DirectX11 DLLs in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\ArcheAge\Live\bin32

Next, do the following:

  • Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents
  • Save your system.cfg by renaming it to system.cfg.original or save a copy somewhere else (renaming is better).
  • Download, highlight, press ctrl-c to copy, then ctrl-v to paste the system.cfg file.
  • Right click the new system.cfg > propeties, then uncheck the read-only mode.
  • Now open system.cfg with notepad (or any other text editio - NOT a wordprocessor which lets you change the font) and change your screen resolution; example:
    r_width = 1920
    r_height = 1080
  • Then Save the file

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3. Your Game is now under the real Archeage DirectX 11 driver.

C . NvidiaInspector
For Nvidia, you can also download NvidiaInspector (no install), search ArcheAge in the game bar, then activate "toggle FXAA" option to ON.

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide


Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

D. Archeage DirectX 11 in-game video settings
Note that the gamma is far too bright in this game. Also a software like F.lux may interfere with the gamma settings (reseting it constantly), so don't forget to stop that application if you are using it. And of course adapt these settings to your hardware.

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide


Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide

Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide Conclusion

The most important thing about the Archeage DirectX 11 Installation Guide, is to save all the original files, and to not just copy over the old ones. In this way, if you do have a problem, you can go back and use the old settings without having to re-install the entire game.

I do not have optimization for other grafix cards, however I am sure someone will be able to easily come up with something.

guide written by SemillanZ

Jinx 728x90

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  1. Andy says:

    DirectX 12 has some bugs, but the DirectX 11 is still remain the best one. Your guide of installation is to good for a new user. He can install easily by following your tips.

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