Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

Archeage Gathering SpreadsheetsArcheage Gathering Spreadsheets, are here to help you to know how long it will take you to plant and harvest trees, raise animals, farm herbs and veggies. Each item is listed along with their initial cost, best harvesting locations, total time to produce, even their expected yield. How these Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets help, is first and foremost knowing when to come back, so that someone else doesn't gather your items. Second to allow you to plan out your profits and traderuns exactly as needed.

Suppose you wanted to know where exactly you needed to go, in order to plant and grow a Cherry tree, so that it would grow in the fastest time possible. Now lets assume for a moment, that you also wanted to know how long in minutes it would take after you plant said trees, so that you knew exactly when to come and check on your trees for logging purposes. All these and more are available in the Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets.

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Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets

In these Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets, you will find spreadsheets for Farming, Gathering, Husbandry, and Logging. As wells as Archeage Spreadsheets on Potions, Alchemy, Leather Gear, Tradepack Values, and Gems and Enchants.

Non-VIP Members, can download all the Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets here, by filling out a few simple surveys. We highly suggest having a disposable email for this method of downloading/viewing, as you will be inundated with spam afterwards. On the bright side, it's free.

Note: Archeage Gathering Spreadsheets are in Excel format in a RAR password free archive. If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can open with OpenOffice.

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