Archeage Gold Making Guide

Archeage Gold Making Guide

Archeage Gold Making GuideIn this Archeage Gold Making Guide, we are going to focus on Trade Packs. There are many ways to make Archeage Gold in the game, and this is just one way, but it's also one of the more efficient and effective ways. This Archeage Gold Making Guide will focus specifically on safe continental trade without the need of a boat or traveling to unsafe PvP regions.

The Archeage Gold Making Guide will also help you to obtain one of the coveted Farm Carts, which will help you speed your trading up by allowing you to carry more, and to travel faster on your trade routes.

Archeage Gold Making Guide

I want to share my basic Archeage Gold Making Guide that I use to make Archeage gold via Trade Packs and how to obtain the coveted Farm Cart in the process. Unfortunately for some, my guide is specifically written for Haranya (East continent); however, the same principals can be applied elsewhere. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, the Farm Cart is the vehicle you may have seen buzzing about popular trade routes, often with steam pouring from the engine. The Farm Cart allows you to essentially triple your money making ability via Trade Packs for relatively the same time invested. Keep reading to learn more.

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