Archeage Healing Guide & Builds

Archeage Healing Guide

Archeage Healing GuideThe Archeage Healing Guide includes everything needed for any player wanting to make their character a main healer including suggested builds. If you wish to create a secondary healer or a self sufficient healing character.

What makes a character a main healer? When they use Vitalism along with Auramancy, characters have the potential to be a main healer.  

We have included all different types of builds in this Archeage Healing Guide, you need only choose the one which matches your play style, or use the information to build your own.


Archeage Healing Guide

Archeage Healing Guide - Stats

In order of importance:

  1. Healing Power: Main stat affecting your healing.
  2. Spirit: Is converted to Healing Power. 1 Spirit = 0.2 Healing Power.
  3. Intelligence: Increases your max MP and Magical Damage.

Archeage Healing Guide - Skills Overview

Archeage Healing Guide Regeneration: This skill is a healing over time (HoT) instant spell. It will heal the target every sec for a total of 10 secs. It can be casted on yourself or your allies. It will be casted on yourself if you use it while targeting an enemy. Max range 30m.

Archeage Healing Guide Antithesis: This skill is a single target heal with a cast time. It can be converted to an instant cast skill while under Conversion Shield. Max range 25m.

Archeage Healing Guide Mend: This skill is an area of effect (AoE) healing spell with cast time. It will heal every player including yourself within the radius once. Radius is 20m.

Archeage Healing Guide Fervent Healing: This skill is an instant single target healing spell. The spell needs to physically reach the target before it will affect it. It can be casted 5 times consecutively before the cooldown is triggered. Max range 30m.

Archeage Healing Guide - Builds

Healer Ratings
★ = Very little to none
★★ = Average/ Fair
★★★ = Excellent/ Maximal
★★★★ = Over-Powered/OP

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