Archeage Level 55 Preparation

Preparing for level 55 - Archeage

Archeage Level 55 PreparationBefore we get into Archeage Level 55 Preparation, let's start by letting you know just how much experience is actually needed to level 50 to 55.

Experience required to level *:

  • 50 to 51: 3,672,000
  • 51 to 52: 6,609,600
  • 52 to 53: 11,897,280
  • 53 to 54: 21,415,104
  • 54 to 55: 38,547,187

That's a crap ton of mobs to grind out. For the most part this means grinding will not be very fast, though it might be possible to tag along to level up. Either way, we still need some prep work, which in turn will allow you to level faster.

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Archeage Level 55 Preparation

Archeage Level 55 Preparation - Gear - Better gear makes you harder to kill, makes killing quicker, thus more experience, more quickly.

As a fresh 50, you should have quest gears. If you don't already have them, get them immediately. Next, you want at least T1 Hasla or Epherium weapon, since it is big upgrade over your quest weapon. For Hasla, if you can farm easily, go for T3, if not, don't bother, it's not worth the time.

Don't bother run GHA either, it takes too long for an unsure reward. You may need to clear it ~15 times to get a full set of gear. I would suggest you make money and buy illustrious grade armor of your type. Anything above is not recommended now since Archeum price is supposed to drop.

Auroria capes are BiS, but expect to spend a lot of time grinding for it. How much? It takes about 3-6 times longer than getting T3 Hasla for 1 cape, and the drop is not guaranteed.

If you are into crafting, you can also build your own armor. This has both upsides and downsides, primarily costs involved if you don't already have it maxed out. If you do and the components are cheap enough, then it's recommended to craft them.

Personally, I have never been into the library to know the difficulty of the mobs. But I'm fairly sure that with T1 Hasla and Illustrious armor, you can at least farm individual mobs alright in the library. However with a tank and healer, you will fair much better.

Keep in mind,  with the library, what will make a fresh 50 able to kill single mobs in Auroria is with the library index. You craft them from golden library tickets (another crafted consumable). They give you 75% skill damage and 2000 physical and magic defense for the library only and last for 30 minutes.

You might be thinking as you read this Archeage Level 55 Preparation guide, that Obsidian is a better choice. However when compared to T1 Hasla, we can see that the Hasla weapon is much better.

The following is a T1 Obsidian staff:

Now look at Hasla staff:

On the other hand, the T1 Obsidian can be regraded to unique++ which makes it far superior in the long run, if you're willing to spend the time and money to do this.

Archeage Level 55 Preparation Leveling Tip: Experia Plants take 4, 10, 24, or 48 hours to grow and the XP given is relative to the growth time. You do not get the resource it is named after - only XP. XP amount is based on RNG. For example, the Experia Pine tree mostly awards 200k XP in 48 hours of growth, but can award 410 or 900k XP upon harvest. You can fit 4 to a large farm and IIRC, they cost somewhere in the 20g+ range per tree. Without Experia Plants, it's gonna be a rough journey to 55.

Archeage Level 55 Preparation PTS Leveling Tip: If you ware playing on the PTS, there are 2 commands which you should be aware of. "Level me up fluffy" and "Tell me a secret fluffy". Each of these will help to level you and give you some added experience. They might get you as far as level 53 or 54...

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