Archeage Leveling Guide PDF Download

Archeage Leveling Guide

This ArcheAge Leveling Guide, is a detailed quest leveling guide for all individual races; Nuian, Elven, Harani, & Firran. This guide will help you to achieve 1-50 leveling at the fastest pace possible. At this time, questing is the fastest method to level 1-50. At the end of this Archeage Leveling Guide, you will also learn how to and complete all the requirements to build your own ship.

Archeage Leveling Guide

Archeage Leveling Guide Notes:

  • This is not a class guide, you will have to learn your own class, and use your own build, figuring out which weapons and armor work best for you.
  • Some portions of this Archeage Leveling Guide, may be different from the game, as it was written while the game was in beta.
  • This ArcheAge Leveling Guide is in PDF format, so anyone should be able to open and read it.
  • All PDFs are archived with 7Zip to lessen space/bandwidth.

Archeage Leveling Guide PDF Download 

There are 4 pieces to this guide, one for each starting race. Please download the appropriate guide for your race - Nuian | Elven | Harani | Firran. At about level 30, each of the races merge to the same quests.

Password to download each guide:

You don't need this leveling guide, you can play the game by yourself and figure out the fastest path possible on your own. This leveling guide can help you if you need help figuring out where to go next, or what to do next, or you can use it to speed along efficiently. If you purchase Patron status, then you can expect to go even faster then this guide, as the guide was written without Patron Status in mind. If you enjoy reading and learning the lore of the game, then this Archeage Leveling Guide isn't meant for you. If you have leveled one character, and are working on a second or third, attempting to speed level as quickly as possible, then you need this Archeage leveling guide, so that you can get directly to the endgame with your characters. 

Archeage Crafting guides are on the way, keep checking back on this website from time to time, as we will put up more content. Better yet, bookmark and share this site on your favorite social network so others can know where to go to get quality guides for online games.

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    I just checked all the links, they do work. First they will take you to an link which will then forward you to download them. Each of the links then require a password, which is hidden under the VIP portion of the page. If you have VIP access and are logged in, you should be able to see the passwords.

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