Archeage New Players Tips

Archeage New Players TipsHere is a small selection of Archeage New Players Tips to help you get started if you are going to try out Archeage. For any new game, or rather new game to you, tips from veteran players are always useful. Hopefully this Archeage New Players Tips guide, will also help.

With this Archeage New Players Tips, we are going to only give you some quick advice, including which class to start with, how to buy patron without spending money, the easier ways to farm gold and gear, and more.

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Archeage New Players Tips

First off, Character Class. I have found that a tank or healer class is usually the hardest to play, but once you understand the basics of the game, they can also be the most rewarding. You will have more friend invites, guild invites, and even dungeon running invites. Also, if you choose to opt into a random group, you will get picked into a dungeon more quickly. However, if a Healer or Tank is not your preferred class, then either the Ranger or Mage should be your next choice.

If you play Ranger, you will have an easier time gearing up in PVP Gear, as the Ranger can be very deadly with the right combination of abilities. If you prefer mage, Sorcery-Witchcraft should be primary, Auramancy as your third. Its used a lot in end game content. Gearing will also be more easier to attain. 

For money, you want an AoE build. AoE will allow you to AoE farm, which will quickly utilize money, which can later be exchanged for APEX. If you can't AoE farm, then you will want to do fishing or pack runs. While leveling, do ALL of your quests to reach level 50 and make sure to open ALL of your coin purses. Save everything you get from the coin purses. DO NOT spend your gold till you hit level 50.

For gear, just completing quests, should allow you to gain pieces and more from drops, which should be sufficient till you hit level 50. Once you hit 50, upgrade your gear slightly so that you can start doing dungeon runs. Or, if you prefer PVP. Learn the game so you know what to do with your gold.

When you get Archeum, open ALL of them. Do not spend labor to combine them. The red ones are used for weapons, blue for armor, and green for accessories. If you are going to spend your labor on any thing, spend it on opening coin purses. Remember to also do your 8x8 and 16x16 quest and plant your land down. Use that to burn labor to plant something that will make you money - but not trees.

To get Patron without Subscribing or rather paying actual money for the Patron Status, you will need APEX. APEX grants you credits that you can use to buy patron from the store. You need two APEX' to get enough credits for 30 day patron pass. The hardest part will be gaining your first 2 APEX. However once you have purchased the 2 APEX, then loyalty points and offline labor regeneration pays for any new APEX very easily.

Last but not least one final tip to add to our Archeage New Players Tips... make friends. Friends will be people you group up with, players of the same class are especially helpful. Your friends will teach you the things you won't find easily in new player guides such as this.

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