Archeage Prison System explained

Archeage Prison System - prisoner garb

Archeage Prison System - prisoner garbThe Archeage Prison System isn't a new idea to MMOs, but it is somewhat rare to find in an MMO. The Archeage Prison System, is one of the most well thought out systems to date. Each time you commit some sort of Crime, you gain Crime Points which once rose to a certain amount will net you a trip to court or if you’ve been a extremely bad, Piracy!

To get sent to prison, you will need to obtain 50 Crime Points. To get a life of Piracy and plunder, you will need to obtain 3,000 Crime Points! There is a way however, to slowly yet surely ( unless you go on another rampage ) to lose you’re crime points. These are a form of daily quests that lower you’re Crime Points by 30 each time you get one!

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Archeage Prison System

There are  three separate ways to gain Crime Points:

  1. Assault – Simply put, the act of attacking a fellow friendly Faction player in a PvP-Enabled Warzone. ( 1 Crime Point )
  2. Murder – As it sounds, to murder someone of you’re own Faction in cold blood. ( 10 Crime Points )
  3. Theft – To steal crops that are not your own from somebody of the same faction. ( 3 Crime Points )

As said above, 2/3 of these actions can only take place in a PvP-Enabled Warzone or more efficiently out at sea, so it’s up to you to decide what would be the fastest way for you to obtain these points if Piracy is your goal. Yaaargh!

Archeage Prison System - THEFT

Archeage Prison System - Stealing MarkSo, how/when do you get these Crime Points after the crime has been done you ask? Depending on where you are and what Crime you commit, you leave a little mark on the land/ocean for all to see and if they wish, report it! Of course, being in an area where there is a steady flow of players coming back and forth would increase you’re chances of that mark being found and reported!

If you decide stealing crops is your thing, this crime leaves a separate mark on the floor, a footprint as shown to the right!

Archeage Prison System - MURDER

As shown below, if you Assault or Murder a fellow friendly Faction player, you will leave a bloodstain on the ground where you carried out the deed. This is what others will use to report you for you’re crime and increasing you’re Crime Points as they do. Take notice of the Purple name bar, as when you attack a Friendly Faction player, it warns all others that you have toggled PvP against all!

Tip: You can actually kill Friendly Faction pets and mounts and it will still count as Murder!

Archeage Prison System -CRIME POINTS

 Archeage Prison System - Crime Points

The Crime Points that you collect can be tracked within the Character Sheet menu. The image shows above that I have 54 Crime Points, which then gives me an instant De-Buff also shown above! What this does, is shows other players that I am a Criminal and once killed, I will be given the option to be sent straight to prison, or take my chances with the Jury! If I get sent to prison after perishing, I will have to wait out my time... or escape.

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Archeage Prison System - PRISON LOCATION

The prison for the Western Faction is located within Merianhold (loosely translated from Russian), the screenshot below shows the specific location! The Prison is not instanced, as in right within the a main city!

Archeage Prison System - Map Location

Opting for the straight to Prison route will cause you to be teleported straight to a cell where you may or may not share a cell with other prisoners! You also get a De-buff which prevents you from using any of your skills or items that you previously had before entering prison!

Archeage Prison System - BREAKOUT!

So, what is there to do in Prison you ask? Nothing much. After being released out of your cell, which occurs once every 10 minutes, you can then break into boxes to gain the Prisoner Garb.

Archeage Prison System - Criminal Debuff

In the courtyard of prison, you can do a few things, such as play football aka Soccer for you American blokes (it even has a score board), to digging up a shovel which can be used to dig your way out of prison! If you do decide to escape prison, the drawback is that the de-buff that doesn’t allow you to use skills within prison will still be active, and will stay there until the timer is up!

Archeage Prison System - Breakout

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