Archeage Render Game Mod

Archeage Render Game ModThe Archeage Render Game Mod, is a modification to the game files which will change the way the game displays to you. File modification is against the TOS, but if you follow the directions explicitly, you should have no problems. See the Feature List below, to see what you can achieve with this modification.

THIS MOD INCLUDES AN AH MOD - With this mod, you will be able to see Auction Timers down to the second. This allows you to snipe purchases, by purchasing an item at the last moment, which then causes no one to be able to outbid you.

The Archeage Render Game Mod is confirmed working for North America. 

Archeage Render Game Mod features

  • Removes intro movie.
  • Clean water.
  • Removes Water surface.
  • Increases max camera distance and FoV.
  • Increases max characters limit option. Example
  • Increases range of interface scaling option. Example
  • Removes musical instruments sounds.
  • Auction features:
    • New time format: HH:MM:SS (use to snipe auctions)
    • Change default bid gain from +1 copper to +1%
    • Removes delay after search or refresh on auction.
    • Moves refresh button to top right corner
    • Add hotkeys: ctrl+click - make a bid, alt+click - buyout item.
    • Removes confirmation window on bid or buyout.
    • Displays seller and bidder (bidder shows with digits - its server number)
    • Auto set sell price: for buyout -1 copper of current minimal price, for starting bid price -1 copper of buyout.
    • AH Example
  • Removes confirmation window when building house or scarecrow
  • BG and arena features:
  •  Prevents closing window after cancel queue.
    • Allows you to register for a specific side (for premades), See Image.
  • New time format for war-piece-conflict timer.
  • Adds aggrometer!
  • Shows what locations are Friends (and you also can add to friend list any player without confirmation from him) 
  • Adds button for closing client in window with countdown. Example
  • Adds addon, that shows the player's and target's HP (and %) Example
  • Adds addon, that shows cast time in seconds. And shows spell name and cast time under target model. Example 1 Example 2
  • Adds addon, that shows range to target under target model. Example
  • Object render speed and distance increase.
  • Faster night cycle.
  • Fog removal.
  • Chat timestamps [HH:MM:SS].
  • Chat timestamps.

If you only want to use certain features of this Archeage Render Game Mod, then you will need to remove some files. See below for the files to be removed. Next to each, is a small description, which will help you to choose which files to remove, to remove different modification aspects to the game.

/game/materials/fog/oceanoutof.mtl - clear water.
/game/materials/ocean/ocean.mtl - no water surface.
/game/sounds - removes sounds of musical instruments.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/option/interface_option.alb - improved characters limit.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/option/screen_option.alb - improves interface scaling range.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/auction - auction features.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/battlefield - battlefield and arena.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/housing - 2 clicks build house.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/unitframe/target.alb - aggrometer.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/baselib/window_view.alb - aggrometer.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/relationship - friends locations.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/aggro_meter.alb - aggrometer.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/aggro_meter_view.alb - aggrometer.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/clock.alb - useful time format for war-conflict-piece timer and bg/arena features.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/toc.g - cast time and range addons.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/debug_bar.alb - range addon.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/hud/gm_console_view.alb - cast time addon.
/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/secondpassword/dialog.alb - hp indicate addon.
qbms2modscripts/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/chat/chat_window.alb - remove text fades.
qbms2modscripts/game/scriptsbin/x2ui/chat/chat/chat_msg_event.alb - chat timestamps.
/config/cvargroups/option_camera_fov_set.cfg - FoV and max camera distance.
/config64/cvargroups/option_camera_fov_set.cfg - FoV and max camera distance.
qbms2/game/config64/cvargroups/option_terrain_detail.cfg - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/config64/cvargroups/option_view_dist_ratio.cfg - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/config64/cvargroups/option_view_dist_ratio_vegetation.cfg - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/config64/cvargroups/option_view_distance.cfg - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/worlds/main_world\vegetation.xml - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/prefabs - object render speed and distance increase.
qbms2/game/worlds/main_world/lightning.xml - faster night cycle.
qbms2/game/worlds/main_world/env.xml - fog removal.

Uninstall the Archeage Render Game Mod

To cancel all the modifications start default.bat. 

Download Archeage Game Mod Password listed below

Archeage Render Game Mod Instructions:

3 Responses to Archeage Render Game Mod

  1. Saber says:

    Mostly getting DC in character selection screen (EU Servers). Could you seperate mod options as a single mod? For example I need only shows what locations are Friends. I dont want to use rest of mods. If you release each mod options seperately, maybe characters not getting DC.

    At least i will be very glad, if you release a shows what locations are friends mod separetely. Because, the population of serversare low and we have to know where are our friends/enemies.


  2. Spitt says:

    You can modify the mod, by removing whichever files you don’t want. There is a list, that you can see in the post above for which files equals what. Simply remove what you don’t want to be modded.

    For example if you don’t want the aggro meter, then remove these 2 files…
    /game/scriptsbin/x2ui/unitframe/target.alb – aggrometer.
    /game/scriptsbin/x2ui/baselib/window_view.alb – aggrometer.

    If you only want a couple of files, then remove everything but those files.

  3. Saber says:

    Ty for your reply,

    i know this. But, if there is seperated mod options, maybe we can not dc too often. Besides when i remove files execept friend list files, i get dc in character login screen.

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