Farming F2P Archeage Gold

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Farming F2P Archeage GoldIf you need to start Farming F2P Archeage Gold, and you're a Free-2-Play player, then you can stop worrying about Trade Pack runs. Trade Pack runs can be a tedious process, which lets be honest here, can net you quite a bit of gold, but it's not actually the most profitable way for your time. Sure, you could use this 8 Gold 10 minute Archeage Trade Pack Run. Figure 3 hours a day, for 15 days, and you have your Patron status. Is it the most effective way to farm Farming F2P Archeage Gold? Probably not, read on...

Farming F2P Archeage Gold

Farming F2P Archeage Gold as a F2P Player doesn't need to be tedious. It can actually be fun, and rewarding as well. But no matter what, as a F2P player, something in the game is going to be tedious, whether it is Farming Archeage Gold or whether it is gearing as a F2P player. You're going to have to choose what exactly you want to do, which is going to be a grind.

For gearing - and this will help when you can afford the Patron status, it's perfectly viable to gear up in Dungeon/Hasla/Obsidian gear. Its still tedious, in fact Obsidian weapons is going to be VERY tedious as a F2P player. You'll still need gold for repairs or hereafter stones or whatever else but you can probably get by on jesters and dungeon drops since you'll have to grind them a ton. 

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