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Forge Obsidian WeaponsTo Forge Obsidian Weapons, you need to first gather the materials and know a little bit about the actual process. Use this simple guide to help you to Forge Obsidian Weapons.

Excerpt from Secrets of Ayanad Spotlight

It has been discovered that Anthalon, Lord of the Crimson Army, manipulates his most deadly minions with the strength of empowered obsidian. This ancient material corrupts the weak-willed and unwary – do you have what it takes to forge weapons of ultimate authority and crush this source of evil with the very power it wields?

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Forge Obsidian Weapons

If you want to Forge Obsidian Weapons, you should:

  1. Find the salvaged version of a crafted illustrious weapon (the one you like).
  2. Collect the materials that are needed from the level 51+ creatures located in Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and Diamond Shores, the denizens of the Ayanad Library are known to hold the materials too.
  3. Make sure you have the gold that is needed to build your weapon

The obsidian weapon can only be upgraded for 5 times in total, the ultimate tier is six. If you want to upgrade it you can find the components from extremely difficult library bosses and notorious creatures across Erenor.

Forge Obsidian Weapons (and armor) Materials

In order to collect the materials which are needed for your Obsidian Weapon, we are going to link you to a spreadsheet which should shed some light on what is needed to forge your new weapon. Please note that the spreadsheet also contains information on what is needed to forge obsidian armor as well.

Please click here to be taken to the Obsidian Materials Spreadsheet for Weapons and Armor.

Credit for the spreadsheet goes to schq (schnee / kyrios / east). Credit for the basic Forge Obsidian Weapons guide goes to Mmogahgold.


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