Free Archeage Credits 1250 monthly

Free Archeage Credits

Free Archeage CreditsIt's really easy to farm Free Archeage Credits 1250 monthly with Patron Status. Best of all, the Free Archeage Credits you farm are available account wide, unlike loyalty or labor. So you can use them on any server in any region you want. 

Please Note: You must have Patron Status to get the Free Archeage Credits, however using this method will cut down on the cost of your Patron Status if you want, because you will be able to use this to purchase APEX, which in turn can get you Patron Status.

Free Archeage Credits 1250 monthly 

So what can you use the Free Archeage Credits on? Anything in the credits store like costumes, non-combat pets, etc. Of course you can also sell the Free Archeage Credits and use them to get more Loyalty within the game. Can you use them in other ways too? Of course! it's all up to your imagination.

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