Library Boss Fights Video Guide – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Library Boss FightsHere are a few different videos showing each of the Library Boss Fights for Archeage. Instead of just rushing in, if you follow these video guides, you will be able to take down the bosses quickly and efficiently working as a team.

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Library Boss Fights

Some of the Library Boss Fights can be pretty tricky, but their drops are required for obsidian weapon upgrades so it's good to be able to kill them.

Library Boss Fights - Floor 1 bosses

Library Boss Fights - Floor 2 bosses

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Library Boss Fights - Floor 3 bosses 

Tip: If you take the rimewriter into the corner she can't jump far enough to the opposite doors to reset. The two closest have lips she'll get stuck on if she tries to aggro a watcher/leech.

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