Master Profit Spreadsheet – Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - Archeage

Master Profit Spreadsheet - ArcheageLet me first state, that this Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage is a work in progress. Not everything is of yet completed. However most of it is, and it will help you to tell where you can profit most. Unfortunately, you have to enter in your own prices for your server on the AH. Sure, it might be possible to use  a debugger to do it for you, but unless you have a Hackshield Bypass, I am not sure if it's warranted or even safe to do.

The way the Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage works, is you update AH price on the MATS (materials) tab. This then updates everything across all the professions. After you update all the Mats, scroll to the bottom of the page and choose the tab you want to see the information on. The different profits covered in the Master Profit Spreadsheet, are Alchemy, Cooking, Crafting, Farming, Trade Packs, Metal Work, Husbandry, Masonry, Carpentry, Vehicles, Printing, & Mining. When you scroll through it, you will see which items are heavy profits, and which items are lower tier profits, as well as those which should not be crafted, as you will lose money on the deal.

Master Profit Spreadsheet

VIP Members, can use the Google Doc Below, to get the latest updates. Non-VIP, can download the static version (no updates, but fairly complete) here.

This Archeage Master Profit Spreadsheet in Google Docs,  is hard coded for changes, so if you want to change the Master Profit Spreadsheet, then you need to make your own copy. We do this, by choosing File at the top left -> Download As -> Your format choice. Your choice should be either CSV, XLSX, or ODS. If you don't have Microsoft Excel, use Open Office (.ods), which is free. If you have another spreadsheet program, you should choose CSV and import into your Spreadsheet program as Comma Delimited format.

Tip: Red highlighted text in the Master Profit Spreadsheet for Archeage, isn't necessarily bad. It's just something which can be either very good, or very bad. Make sure you check if it's -value or not.

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