Seafox Archeage Game Hack


This Seafox Archeage Game Hack Seafox Archeage Game Hack will allow you to change the sea level apparently, in game. The Sea Level is actually client side, so this does not mess with the server directly.

There are a few effects which I have found that can occur, by changing the sea level. I have filmed a couple of the more useful effects, as shown in this video (below).

If you find another usage, othern then I have detailed, please leave a reply in the comments below!

Seafox Archeage Game Hack

This video of the Seafox Archeage Game Hack, recorded near Caernord, shows the city of Caernord (in Ynystere) submerged underwater... and close-by, I spawn a clipper. As the water is only client-side, the clipper then sinks which results in it's destruction. When a clipper is destroyed, it can drop 0 to 2 Regrade scrolls, which is equivalent to a few gold. Simply repairing your clipper and starting over and over will get you rich!

The advantage of raising your sea level is that you can spawn your clipper anywhere: in a quiet location, where no one will find you. It also result in a faster demolition of the clipper (around 20s).

Another effect of the Seafox Archeage Game Hack shown in the video, is the ability to swim or use an aqua mount anywhere. To the eye of other players, you will be seen "flying", or riding a flying daulphin!

Additional effects of lowering (or totally removing) the water includes:

  • Underwater traderun in cart at full speed: No water, no slowdown on your hauler! Bring pack to Freedich in your farm cart!
  • Ability to find underwater chests with ease (No water to block your view!)

Unlike previous mods that "removed" the water surface, the Seafox Archeage Game Hack will actually remove or add water, and not just the water texture.

Is the Seafox Archeage Game Hack detectable? Currently, this game hack is not detectable. However, if someone sees you riding a "flying daulphin" and reports you, you can expect a suspension or ban! Also, when using this to destroy ships, please use the utmost caution to ensure that no one else is around.

Note: Whether you raise or lower the sea level, the breathing system remains the same. Under the "normal" sea level, you will need to take a dahuta potion. However, higher than the "normal" water level, you won't need to breath even if you are underwater.

*A game reboot is required to change sea level.

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