Solo Farming Library Tips – Archeage

Solo Farming Library Tips - Archeage

Assuming you are Solo Farming Library, then you might need a little help, especially if you are an Archer. Now I am not saying thats the hardest class to Solo Farming Library, but it might be one of the harder classes to do, if you don't have these tips.

Solo Farming Library Tips

I have found I am able to do a mix of raids/parties/and some soloing, with the build linked at the bottom of this post. Kill mobs 1 by 1 if solo'ing. Same if with a small party. Pull everything if with a raid of 20-30 (I only do the large raids when focusing on the bounties).

Solo Farming Library Tips - ArcheageFor gear, I use any of the combinations, I have T3 Unqiue Bow, Unique Mag Dagger (about to replace w/T3 Unique Obsidian Dagger), Unique Jola Shield, 4 Unique Eph squall/3 unique auroria wildborne, Unique Stradavarious (lute), unique conq gale earrings, halcy rank 8 necklace, heroic dream ring, unique artisan gale ring. So gear can help you take on the mobs, but it's not the main thing. Instead it's a combination of the following...

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