Stone Arrow Gear Guide – Archeage Heroes Awaken

Since the release of Archeage Heroes Awaken, there hasn't been a Stone Arrow Gear Guide which is even close to accurate. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the stress and allow you to Gear up your Stone Arrow.

Stone Arrow Gear Guide

Stone Arrow Gear GuideTo start with this Stone Arrow Gear Guide, lets establish you need Leather Gear with Agility stat boosts. Here is the best suggestion on how to gear your Stone Arrow...

Go full T4 Leather, with a crafted belt and bracers. Get an Obsidian or Epherium+ shield and v2 T4+ shortspear. For a bow, get the highest dps bow you can afford. Get gems in as soon as your obsidian is Celest T4 and itemize heavy resilience where possible. Focus shield block gems from guild and hands evasion gems. Guild cloak is your personal preference.

When you reach T3 Obsidian you will have the option to take ALL obsidian items 1 of 2 ways when you craft T4. For the shortspear instead of stamina from the v1 you can opt to get agility and added ranged crit damage (the shortspear also helps stack Feral Mark which is nice).

Finally, as long as you're going to stick with the equipment that you have, ALWAYS slot a T3 gem into the first slot at least. THEN put in the no break gems from the prestige shop. I cannot stress this enough. Take advantage of it.

Thanks to 80WillPower08, drunkgrunt11b, Kerrigar for help with this guide

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