Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit – Fixed

Dupe Exploit

Archeage APEX Dupe ExploitA while back, there was an Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit, which would allow you to use one, and still keep one on your account. It seems that the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploitt might be back after the recent patch. However this exploit is unconfirmed and needs some testing from our VIP members.

Steps to complete the Archeage APEX Dupe Exploit

Have an APEX
Place APEX in 1st skill slot on your skill bar
Open the mailbox
Type in your own character's name
Hold the APEX and let APEX go over the big marketplace button on the bottom,  this will leave the APEX in your hand without holding it.
Place the mouse over attachments in your mailbox and press 1 and left click at nearly the same time.
This will put the APEX in the attachment area, and at the same time, the APEX will start being used.
When the APEX is about to be completed (about 99%) send APEX to yourself in mail.

If everything works correctly, you should have been given credit for the APEX and have one available. If it didn't work, you will either have the APEX back, or have used it. Hopefully however you will have the credits AND an extra APEX however.

WARNINGDo not brag about this, do not show off, don't even hint about it in game, on social media, or worse, in Youtube. Doing so will cause investigations and YOUR account to be banned in game.

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  1. etb12345 says:

    This has been patched!

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