View Archeage AH while Crafting trick


View Archeage AH while Crafting trickThis View Archeage AH while Crafting trick, simply allows you to craft with the AH open, so that you can continue to purchase items off the AH as needed or, if you choose, list newly created items, which frees up your pack space.

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With 1.7 released you have the ability to use the Convenience button in the bottom right, if you are a Patron via paying for a subscription with either real money or credits. This button allows you to use the Auction House wherever you are, however you still require a mailbox to retrieve anything you purchase. Still, searching is nice if you need to keep tabs on a particular market, or just to inform yourself of the market prices as they ebb and flow with the new patch.

When crafting at a workstation you will receive a message stating that you cannot view the auction house while crafting: "You cannot use Auction House and Craft at the same time."

archeage-ahActually, you can. It appears that the Auction House not opening up is dependent upon the Craft window being shown.

Simply close it the Craft window (the Folio essentially), and then open the Auction House tab. This will not cancel your current crafting actions or your queued up quantity. You can open up the Folio afterwards if you need to review mats or anything like that -- it just appears to block the Auction House window initially from the Folio that opens up with the workstation you interact with.

Hope this helps pass the time crafting away 333 pieces of Lumber, Fabric, Leather, and/or Ingots!

View Archeage AH while Crafting trick instructions

  • Set up your Quantity of the Item you wish to craft
  • Begin crafting
  • Close the "Craft" window, which is essentially the Folio for that workstation
  • Open Auction House from Convenience
  • You can now view Auction House while Crafting items
  • If you'd like to review recipes, open the Folio via Hotkey or Menu at the bottom right

This View Archeage AH while Crafting trick may or may not be fixed by Trion. It obviously wasn't meant to work this way, otherwise there would be no error message. However I don't feel that this is some great exploit which should be hidden from non-members. So please enjoy this View Archeage AH while Crafting trick, with our compliments.

credit to spt703 for the find

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