Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming

It's begun. The age of the Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming, that is. In World of Tanks is started with Tank Buddy, which was an AFK bot which would enter into games, and start playing for you. The TankBuddy bot, was rudimentary at best, and could in no way impact the game play of others because it made for some very easy targets. It would pick a tank to fire at, and then blammo - shoot a building... or a car.. or something else which was in it's way. It did farm mind you, but a human playing could do XP Farming much better then any macro or bot in the same amount of time. The benefit was that Tank Buddy was basically an XP Farming Bot. Since this is Armored Warfare, and at this time there are no bots, I am going to share with you, my method to Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming.

 Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming 

Of course since we're playing Armored Warfare, and not World of Tanks, you might be thinking you're Shi7 out of luck, since buddy bots haven't made an Armored Warfare bot yet (keyword being here is "yet"), but alas you would be wrong. It's still possible to do some Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming, and since I am being generous, I am going to share how to do it for our VIP members here.

Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming

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If you decide you want to macro a bit of your functions, with this Armored Warfare AFK XP Farming method, you can try making a simple Mouse Machine macro. But you won't be able to do that while the game is in the background, unless you use a VMWare box or hack the game itself.

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