Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics

Armored Warfare Leveling TacticsYou know, while it's entirely possible to not use these Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics, but you will be making a mistake if you don't. These tactics are methods I use to maximize each of my new tanks, outfit them to their full potential, and increase my crew skills as fast as possible. There are 4 distinct Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics, which you need to know about to maximize your own potential, within the game.

Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics

The first leveling tactic is pretty self explanatory, but you might be thinking backwards. By this I mean, you might be thinking well everyone else is doing it this way, so I should too. Unfortunately, being a sheeple (follower) isn't the right answer here. Instead to do these Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics, I am going to teach you differently. I am going to teach you the most efficient way to level your tanks in Armored Warfare.

Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics Bonus Tip: When possible choose explosive armored piercing rounds over plain Armored Piercing or Highly Explosive. However, if the ammunition which can be used is HEAT or High Explosive Anti-Tank, which is also slightly armor piercing, then you can expect more damage. If you are using a tank with a lower caliber weapon, or one which shoots many shots in a minute, which is often shot from nearby, then I would suggest you go with High Explosive shots.

That pretty much does it for the Armored Warfare Leveling Tactics. I included 4 Tactics I use, as well as a tip on ammo. You should had learned at least one new tactic here. It would surprise me, if you hadn't.

If you do have another Armored Warfare Leveling Tactic to add, you can do so, in the comments below.


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