Armored Warfare – World of Tanks 2 Clone?

So that's the question, is Armored Warfare a World of Tanks 2 Clone? I saw an interesting email alert, and it seems that there is finally a viable clone for World of Tanks. But this clone seems to be following in the same path as World of Tanks, with very few differences. Where World of Tanks, aims to re-create famous battlegrounds, Armored Warfare, the World of Tanks 2 clone seems be creating new ones. Battles which never were - but might someday be, is where Armored Warfare, the World of Tanks 2 clone seems to be going.

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Armored Warfare - World of Tanks 2 Clone?

So I went ahead and signed up for Armored Warfare, and at first glance, the game seems very similar. You get 2 tanks, both light. One fires upto 300 rounds a minute, the other, about 2. 20 damage per shot versus 120. There is not much of a learning curve here - if you are a World of Tanks player already. The controls are exactly the same including how to mark points of interest on the map. Zooming in and out, again equal. In fact the real differences that I noticed was that it was more difficult to navigate the tech tree, learn to load ammo, and get in on the next tier of tanks. 

The tech tree scrolls up down, much like WoT did back in beta. But this one you simply grab it, and it moves, so you can scroll left, right, up, down. There are upgrade screens and another screen to buy more tanks... but unfortunately, some of the information on the official website, is wrong. For example it says that you can upgrade to the next tier with 3 wins. This is incorrect, it will take multiple battles to get your next tank. 

In WoT, you can simply get all the parts for the next tank, then a bit more XP to upgrade - and gold of course. Armored Warfare works in the same way, but instead of seeing gold or silver, you will see pseudo stacks of cash. They will be grayed out until you can purchase the next tank. It should be noted, that you need to hover over the tank, and read the popup to find out why it's greyed out. If you double-click on the tank you want to purchase it simply shows you the stats and won't tell you why it cannot be purchased.

One thing I really like about Armored Warfare versus World of Tanks, is the missions. You can do either PVP or Missions, which are a cross between PVE and PVP. Overall, you can earn more XP in PVP, but in PVE you work mostly in small squadrons with other people to complete objectives. The first mission is much like the intro in World of Tanks, which is to say solo and a learning experience. In Armored Warfare you will need to complete objectives, take out enemy tanks, and capture the flag, all in a mission. There are 3 levels of missions, easy, medium, and hard. On easy, it takes only a few shots to take out enemy tanks, even if you only do 20 damage a hit.

Armored Warfare - World of Tanks 2 Clone?

Interestingly, when the game needs to be patched, there is no warning, you just get a disconnect notice, "Please exit the game". I went ahead and cleared the enemy tanks (which were frozen and unable to attack), and used this time to explore a map.

I don't know how many of you remember the beta version of World of Tanks, but in that version, your tank couldn't slide down a hill sideways. In Armored Warfare, your tank can, but it receives no damage for this, unlike in WoT where your tank is going to receive at minimum, track damage. Additionally, back in WoT Beta, it was possible to get stuck on map borders, or against walls. Later in WoT this was solved, by allowing your tank to turn, to get out of that trap. Armored Warfare is stuck with that idea, you're on a border, and you'll get stuck

I do want to make a note that there are AFK players, and that on some maps people are complaining about FPS. At no time did I drop below 30 FPS in Armored Warfare, even though I was downloading at the same time. I didn't see anything which qualified as cheating nor botting.  I did a search and found several different hacks available, the most popular one a credit cheat. At this point in time, I wouldn't recommend purchasing any or doing any kind of surveys to download them. Should the game become more popular, we should see some better ones come out, and the ones out now will be suspect.

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I also want to mention that I was called a noob, because I was exploring a map. I find it interesting being a veteran WoT player, and being called that. I imagine that if I as a veteran am called that, that others may be more harsh. At this point, I do not see a way to ignore in chat players, nor a way to report them for spam. Since Armored Warfare is F2P, and progression will not be removed from beta to live (like they did in WoT), I would expect some serious problems with spamming in the near future. 

Overall, Armored Warfare is quite fun, as far as tank battles go. It will be familiar to World of Tanks players, though I have yet to experience TDs and Arty. The game seems more like a visual upgrade to WoT, thus the title of World of Tanks 2? I would recommend trying the game for anyone who plays WoT or wants to get into tanking battles on the ground floor.

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