Hit Miss Bounce Guide – Armored Warfare

I thought I should share this Hit Miss Bounce Guide, since I play to different tank pvp games. I decided to play Armored Warfare a few days ago and am still an avid fan of World of Tanks. This guide applies to both games, in their current forms, and it's been a way to ensure that my tanks aren't the first ones to be taken off the battleground... unless I am scouting for arty.

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Hit Miss Bounce Guide for Armored Warfare

Really, this should be how to take hits, cause misses and bounces, but that's a bit too much of a title. There are 3 sections of this Hit Miss Bounce Guide, and again they will apply to both Armored Warfare and World of Tanks. This guide is meant for Tank Destroyers, Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks. It can also be applied to AFVs. SPGs or Arty won't find this too useful, since the best shot comes from a non moving tank, with lots of space to fire a lob shot.

Avoiding hits is primary in this Hit Miss Bounce Guide. The easiest way to avoiding a hit from an enemy tank, is to keep moving, but any person who knows how to lead their shots, isn't going to be affected too much by this. However what does work well, is to find cover. We want something which we can shoot over, or pull out to take shots, but not something we can hide, but not shoot from. We also don't want to just hide behind a tree or bush, unless we are sniping. The only purpose of hiding without taking a shot, is to cause the enemy to take the base, rather then wipe out all of the enemy tanks - meaning you.

If you have to be hit, then its best to take the damage on the front of your tank. Your tank is always strongest from the front, weaker on the sides, and weakest in the back. The back is also usually where we have our gas tanks, and one lucky shot could take out the entire tank. So if you have a tank coming directly at you, then angle yourself so that the front of your tank is towards them. This is also why picking up items which increase our turret and traverse speeds are an important part in both PVP and PVE with this Hit Miss Bounce Guide. In the diagram shown, if Tank B, is trying to come up and behind your Tank A, then you know they are trying to hit you in the rear, where they will do more damage. Turn your tank's angle to always be facing the front you your tank towards your enemy.

Hit Miss Bounce Guide

The last part of our Hit Miss Bounce Guide, is causing a Bounce. To cause a bounce, which in turn means no penetration damage, we need to be a decent distance from the enemy. We also need to turn slightly, so that the front and side are at a 45 degree angle from the enemy, as shown in the diagram to the right. We want the enemy's fire, to basically not have a direct hit on us, which in turn can cause a bounce. You will see this when Tank A, fires on Tank B. Tank B, is rotated so that from afar, the shell is more likely to bounce. 

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