Target Leading – Armored Warfare

I had an interesting conversation with another player due to my Target Leading in Armored Warfare. I am not talking about amount of kills or amount of damage done to targets, not even spotting tanks. I am talking about Target Leading, where you shoot in front of a moving tank, so that when the shot gets to the tank, it hits it, rather then the ground behind the target.

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Target Leading in Armored Warfare

The other player was gracious. They congratulated me on hitting them, because no one else had been able to do it, he was moving too fast. Now I should mention, that I am a World of Tanks veteran and have written many guides for it, over the years, including this Target Leading subject.

So how do we do Target Leading? We do it by shooting in front of a tank, to where we think it will be next. If the shot hits behind, then we need to lead more. If it hits in front, we need to lead less. It's much the same with shooting a target with a gun. When shooting with a gun, and the bullet moving 800-1200 feet per second, you actually need to lead only slightly in front or directly on the target. This is because you are fairly close to the target. A sniper, also has to account for wind, and distance to the target, much in the way we do in Armored Warfare when using Target Leading.

Armored Warfare Target Leading

I have included a rudimentary image (above), to get this into your mind a little better. As you can see, the distance I lead the target by, can have a direct impact on hitting it or not. If I aim for C, and Lands on A, then I need to change my target closer to D, to hit B. If I Aim for B, and it hit's A, then again I need to change to somewhere in front of the tank. It takes a bit of getting used to, to ensure you have your targeting correct, but practicing this will help.

Crew Skills - Armored Warfare - Target Leading Keep in mind when Target Leading, that you need to also adjust for the target moving up or down in relativity to your path on it. Also, how close the target is, can have a direct impact on hitting it. If I lead by 3 scope widths, at a distance, I might only lead by 1 scope width if the target is closer to me. 

It's because of my Target Leading, that I employ 2 perks with my tank crew, first. For the guy driving the tank, I have the turn speed increased (Spin to Win). For the guy moving the turret, I have the swivel speed increased (Do the Twist). If there is a loading crew member, then I increase the load speed, because even 5% decrease in loading time, can mean the difference in getting another shot on the target or being too late (Rapid Fire). By increasing my gun swivel and turn speed by 10% each, I effectively increase my time to be able to snipe and hit a fast moving target.

Hopefully this Target Leading  for Armored Warfare helps you, as it helped me to learn it. Please Like and Share this post with others, so they too, can learn to become better players.


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