Article Submission

Article Submission - Submit guides, cheats, hacks, macros and bots, to get free access.

Guest Bloggers Welcome!

We accept guides, videos, walkthroughs, cheats, exploits, scripts, macros, un-compiled bots, game hacks, or even MQ2 compiles (must include source), as submissions - for ANY game (including Facebook, MMOs, RPGs, etc). Each Submission should be written originally by you. While you are allowed to build on others' information you cannot take credit for something you did not write at all - we WILL check. If you steal someone else's work, we may or may not give you access.

Please ensure you spell and grammar check your submission before submitting. Articles which are posted without this may be rejected. If we decide to publish it anyways, your submission will be downgraded.

You may link 1x to an outside blog or profile site (ie facebook/twitter), please put it at the bottom of of your submission, under a section titled "About the Author". This section may have your full details such as your name, or call sign. It may include what games you have played as well as how long you have played them. This is a section about you, but we don't want your life's story. Please keep the About the Author section down to 3-6 lines. You may NOT link to another cheat site.

How much free time will you gain? It depends on your submission, if you wrote it or stole it, and if we post it. If we post it, we will give you credit for the post, and we will follow these guidelines;

  • Gaming News? No time, honorable mention - you keep your About the Author credit at the bottom.
  • Emulator/Guild Announcement? No time, honorable mention - link to website at bottom of announcement.
  • *Exclusive guide/walkthrough, tip/trick, or patch notes dissection? 1-3 weeks per submission.
  • *Exclusive Exploits/Cheats? 1-3 months per submission.
  • Bots and Game Hacks? Free for as long as the bot or game hack works. Must be free to VIP customers, must be branded with mmoexploiters.
  • Bots and Game Hacks branded from other sites? 2-3 weeks, must host remotely, must be a premium version.
  • Emulator - 2-4 weeks depending upon features (list them).
  • MacroQuest Compile: 1-4 weeks depending upon included plugins - do not send us one which requires a login to another site.
  • Anything else? Depends on submission.

Remember, the more details, the better. Use videos to highlight areas! Please use YouTube - only for videos! Add screenshots! We will require a minimum of 1 image, and a maximum of 10 to be upload. Please host at Imgur. You can attach a exe/dmg/apk/pdf/zip/rar/7zi/B1 file, but host it remotely. We suggest using dropbox, so you can update as needed.

In the subject line, make sure to enter which game its for and what the submission is for ie guide, macro, bot, etc.

* indicates required field

ALL Submissions will be verified to ensure you did not copy it from elsewhere. If you are claiming to be the original author, then you must add "rpge" to the end of each of the other instances of the article, so when we see it, we see you are the original author. If you give us a zip, we will open it in a sandbox AND scan it for malware. Malware will be automatically trashed.

*Exclusive means you aren't sharing it with another site. If you share with another site after you submit to us, your time will be downgraded to 1/3 of given time.