Omegle Cleverbot AI Bridge – Python Script

I found something interesting, an Omegle Cleverbot AI bridge. Omegle is a random chat software, which is used to well, randomly chat with other parties with similar interests across the nation and world. Cleverbot on the other hand is an Artificial Intelligence software that attempts to mimic humans. 

Omegle Cleverbot AI bridge

Why would you want to use this Omegle Cleverbot AI bridge? Omegle Cleverbot AI bridgeMainly, trolling. But it also allows you to use the bot, while keeping your hands free, while you do other things. Lastly, you could use it to post videos you wanted to advertise, while seemingly answering someone in chat, so you minimize the risk of being marked as a bot. Therefore, you need this Omegle Cleverbot AI bridge - if you want to troll. 

You know, I think I first became interested in Omegle, by watching Pink Stylist on YouTube. He seems to put out videos every month, to be fair however he does actually speak. But some have confused him as being a bot... till he proves otherwise - often with a hand gesture of sorts. But being able to link Cleverbot in, seems like it could be fun too.

Anyways, here's the code - it's a Python Script, which is what will allow you to link the 2 together.

Note, the download is free, just share this post and then you will be able to download it. 

Omegle Cleverbot AI bridge Download

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